May 18, 2009

Life's Uncertainty

"You need to feel a bit deprived at times- a bit lonely and in a way incomplete. Because if you got everything, would you still look up to heaven?"

Sometimes I thought life is unfair. Despite the fact that we're living a good life, we're being deprived of the things that we want and worst, the things that we need. I keep on asking questions why life is so unfair. People thought that I have everything and I'm lucky. But the fact, they never knew me at all. They're not aware that I have my own share of hearthaches and despairs in life.

But of course, things like that shouldn't be left open for public viewing. I have to save something and I knew it should be open for me and for HIM who always help me. In between the hardships, my UPs and downs and all the troubles, I am trying my best to remain upright and optimist though sometimes it feels like giving up.

Standing still and being quiet will give you the chance to weigh everything and see that in this huge playground called the "world" and the never ending game known as "life" in which the rule is "survival of the fittest, you will realize that you have something that will make you standout among others and realize that you are sometimes better than your detractors. What's next? So be it, just smile at them and leave everything to HIM who knew every single strand of injustice.

At this point in time, there are two things in me that keeps me holdin' and keeps me kickin'. [1] the only thing left inside Pandoras box when all else flew "HOPE" and; [2] the most important among the three virtues; "LOVE"


  1. You are blessed because you know the secret of life.

  2. Thank you Very much! You really made my special day really special.


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