June 23, 2009

The Guitar

If I would be given a chance to exist again after a millenium, I hope everything would be the same except me.....I wanted to be a Guitar. A guitar where you can play notes that gives music to the world, songs that ease the pain and compositions which expresses one's feelings.

I tried to play the guitar once, but I'm a failure. I love music but music doesn't love me. I admire those who know how to do it. Maybe it's a combination of talent and determination. But I lack those qualities.

You want to know what I envy with the guitar?...because it's owner loves it so much. Carry it on their back and hug it when they are playing some songs. One thihg is for sure, the owner won't let the guitar be parted to him. He will carry it no matter where he goes

I wanted to be like a guitar, naive to pain and sufferings but given enough importance and love.


  1. love music din yon nga lang ayaw din sa akin ng music. but i have a brother na singer.So ibig sabihin meron kaya lang diko alam kong nasaan at nawala

  2. talagang binalikan mo ang mga emo posts ko. hahaha!

    Aba hanapin mo yun, sayang naman at pag nakita mo at ayaw mo, ibigay mo sakin. para makapag-videoke naman ako.


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