July 15, 2009

The Long Winding Path that I Choose to Travel!

Right now, I couldn't think of anything better but to reach the end of this path. I want to finish it, but will I able to? I want to rest and give-up the fight because I can feel that my energy is slowly drifting away. I want to hold on but my mind is giving-up.

I feel like a candle with both ends burning while the flame is soon to end. The fight of a once fearless heart is soon to end too. I never thought that this will happened. Pain strikes me at my weakest point and they hit me on my weakest part.

I know it's not only me who's hurting but above all, I am the one who was really hurt and still suffering the pain of their carelessness. What have I done wrong? All I did was to give my trust and unconditional love but they took my feelings for granted.

When people loose their breath, it doesn't mean that they've given up.....but rather it's already time.......Someday I'll be gone but I will never be forgotten by those people who loves me the way I deserve to be loved.

Roselle Santos David


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