November 23, 2009

For the Friend of my Friend

I hate weekends like this. Life is stressful on days that should be the right time to take a rest. If only I could shout..! My head is aching and my heart is beating fast. Sometimes I can feel that my body is out of air but my brain is full of it.

I want to find someone who could really understand, cause I know it's easy to give advices yet it is very difficult to follow the same advices when you're on the same situation. It's very easy to say the things we want to say cause were not on that person's shoes.

One day, the friend of my friend is asking for the best thing to do about his/her problem. People around me have bits of advices, yet I only came out with a smile and a teary eyes....cause I know what is the best thing to do yet I can't utter the words cause I also know that the best thing to do is the hardest thing to follow.

How could I give him/her some help when I, myself wants the end of the world right at this moment, when each and everyday passes yet I can't seems to feel it, when Christmas is fast approaching to everyone but it is running away from me, when I want to talk yet no one dares to listen and no one seems to care.

Para sa friend ni friend...if you need me...I'm here, but please bear if I can't say anything but I can cry with you, I'm here if you need ears to listen without judging you!

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  1. Na touch naman ako para sa advice mo sa friend ni friend, you'll feel its really from your heart.. kahit na Nana talaga ko, teary eyes ako dun.. hahaha


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