January 6, 2010

Why do I ask Questions

Oftentimes, when I ask questions you tend to misunderstood me. You thought I am doing it to find your faults, shortcomings and mistakes but you are MISTAKEN. We all know that you changed a lot though you tend to deny it but you did. I just want to know the things you are doing not to dictate what you should do but to let you know that I am worried about you too. I realized you're not the same anymore and I didn't realize you to be the person you are now. I am so worried that eventhough I am trying to face and find another life for me I am still thinking what would happen to you. All I can do is hope that you would find good friends to be with, in your journey through life. I know you're still young and still want to explore life as your friends are doing. I do understand it BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Mama is crying for you, listen to her. Mama knows best.


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