April 8, 2010

Dominique goes to Bookertech

 It was Wednesday and so amazed when I crossed the street across our building, a young girl was sitting beside my officemates. She is Dominique, the daughter of Paul (one of my colleagues).

Dominique before going to sleep
she hardly fits on the cubicle
What an intelligent girl. She went out with us at 7/11 always talking along the way. She told us that she's practicing her reading skills and knows how to read "Gatorade"...hahaha.

I asked her, where's your Mom, and she hurriedly answers back, "Mommy is at work" which made the story long........"I always asked Mom, when is her day-off, because I love to sleep beside her whenever she's at home, even when we are walking I love to walk beside her".

Up in the office she's roaming around talking to everyone, sitting on our laps. Even when it's time for her to sleep, she can hardly get the mood to go to bed ( not actually bed, but like a double deck cubicle, I guess).

Her Mom should never worry because aside from her Dad, she has everyone of us looking after her.

It's nice to have a baby inside the office sometimes. It's working with the ambiance of a "home sweet home" with little kid roaming around looking for playmates.

Well I guess that is the proof. Our office is not just an office, it's a home with lots of big mommas (hurray) even brothers and sisters who can act as playmates....hep-hep-hooorAY


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