April 14, 2010

DuhDuh Folder

I read an article last time about how to survive the fu****g blah...blah...blah....while listening to the song  Fighter . The song makes me feel like rocking the whole place where I'm in. Damn! the lyrics caught me a little bit (well the whole of me actually), but let's go back to the article that I read.

I started with the first tip today. "Clean the house". But me, instead of cleaning the house, I found myself pulling the memory of my camera, plugged the card on a reader and inserted the device on the USB port. Guess what I did! I transferred all the pictures on the computer, filing and arranging them into separate folders and put them all together on a folder which I named "duhduh". I stored them there to depart the memories for the moment while I'm making ways and reserving space for things that I should concentrate with. I know, though those pictures are incapable of viewing for me, they are actually copied in my memory but at least I will be deprived of the visual aids of loneliness which is a good way to start. Then, when everything is okay I can go back to that duhduh folder to reminisce and just smile with the memories of the past.

I want to boast, I'm 1/4 proud of myself. Imagine, I was able to file all the pictures into separate folders and maybe came across them twice or thrice but no emotions at all, well maybe...okay I admit, I just miss the person, that's all. Someday everything would be nice and okay and fine and I can sing "I remember the ***, but I can't remember the feeling anymore" (weehhh) I hope when I 'm ready to sing people will lend their eardrums to me.

More updates of my whereabouts, vacation galore, tripping days, bed rest dilemma and other stuffs next time. I hope someone is not stalking me in this blog.


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