April 13, 2010

Movie Marathon

Hey, I just sneak early this morning to the nearest computer shop. I had a movie marathon yesterday to ease my mind of the pain of prolonged nostalgia. I just want to share the lessons I learned from the movies:

1. Transporter 2
     Lesson: Don't make promises you can't keep 
                  Give other people the time and respect they deserve

2. I Spy
    Lesson: Don't trust too much

3. UP
    Lesson: Perseverance, spirit and adventure

4. The Princess and the Frog
    Lesson: Looks can deceive

By the way, while browsing the net, I also came up to this site with a topic entitled How To Move On From a Breakup which gives advice on how to put your relationship behind you in a healthy and appropriate way. You've got to see it, it'll help.


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