April 9, 2010

My Precious Dollar Bill

I love reading books. Any topic that is worthy of my time and effort would be okay with me. But I'm not gonna' share a story that I've read on a book today but how books lead me to my "Precious Dollar Bill". While I was scanning books to buy at a local bookstore, a novel caught my attention and while I am thoroughly scrutinizing each page I was amazed and shocked at the same time to find a 5 dollars bill carefully kept between 2 pages. I was wondering if the first owner of the book forgot that the bill was there or did he/she even check the book before selling it. Another assumption is that he/she practically put that bill on the book as a charm or gift for the next owner (just guessing).

Well, whatever maybe the case, she/he made me happy the day I found it. Not because I am after the money (anyway it's just a small amount) but it's the situation that made me feel that I was so blessed that time. Imagine, there could have been someone who discover it before me but it seems like it's waiting for me (what a lucky charm for my wallet). I ended up buying the book (the story is good anyway). The good news is that, I got a book, I found my "precious dollar bill" and I was reimbursed for the price I paid for the book. (lol)


  1. My husband hides money in books! Last year, we were planning a trip to Las Vegas, and he suddenly remembered that he hid a bunch of money in books. Unfortunately, we'd recently brought a bunch to the used book store and the rest were in our garage, since were were trying to de-clutter the house. He was able to find about $150, but who knows how much more was found by lucky shoppers such as yourself?

    Ah, the perils (and windfalls) of being married to a forgetful man!

    p.s. He is half Filipino. :)

  2. Om my gosh TB,

    It's just now that I saw it. I was really amaze to know that your husband is half-Filipino.

    I am very happy to find that $5.00 on the book. I will never forget that and forever I will treasure that money.


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