April 20, 2010

Philippine Election 2010

The  Presidential Candidates for 2010 Election
(photos taken from Political Arena click here to view the website)

No matter what channel I tuned in the television, and no matter what news you watch, they have the common factor, "Election 2010". Exactly 21 days from now, the Filipino people will decide who will sit as the 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines through the first Philippine automated election.

I am a registered voter, and for me to perform my duty as a responsible citizen, I have to travel more or less 4 hours out of Manila to Central Luzon. As a matter of fact, I'm doing it all the time since I was 18 year old and travelling is no big deal for me, I'm still making it though sometimes I am the last to cast my vote. The only problem I have is that, election is fast approaching and until now, I haven't made up my mind yet who is the right candidate to inherit the presidency, who among the 10 candidates has the right to reside in "Malacañang Palace". To tell you the truth I am having second thought of voting this year. You would ask me for reasons and I would be very willing to share them.

As a Filipino citizen, I have my right to choose who I want to vote (this is a democratic country anyway) and because of that I have my own set of guidelines as well, "VOTE WISELY" so to speak. I wouldn't go for an handsome candidate, neither with an intelligent one though I know wisdom is needed, but let me explain further.

Looks can be deceiving and mere intelligence wouldn't be sufficient. For me in order to run a country, a president should be tactful, decent, honest, a man who honors his words, kind, intelligent blah, blah blah and if you are handsome, that is a plus factor and above all he/she should be GOD FEARING. When a leader exercise great fear and faith in God then the rest will follow.

Whenever I watched the news, aspirants if not all, but majority were digging the dirts of their opponents and in the end leaving them all victims of their black propagandas'. This happen every election and I am sick and tired of it. With all the chaos happening in our country and all the issues left unresolved, how could some manage to focus on their personal interest and personal gains.

But me instead of nurturing my sentiments, I will use my energy to find ways on how to know the candidates better so that I could pick the right one. As a guide, I will visit the site of politicalarena.com and their all candidates. one arena blog and most of all I have to make sure I will join the cause of several organization to pray and ask for God's guidance that we may be given enough wisdom to choose the right person who will be  the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines.


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