May 14, 2010

My Celebrity Boyfriend

I was browsing GMA's website looking for some interesting stuffs to do like to read blogs, watch videos, and look for photos and of course to switch the page to to monitor the Election 2010 count. Then I saw this option at the top bar entitled "Fun Stuff". On that page you can answer a multiple question type of test so that you can check who is your celebrity boyfriend. Guess who's mine? It's DINGDONG DANTES. Check out who's yours, just follow this link Your answers will be matched on the character of the actor (most likely-I guess).


  1. hehehe - kinikilig ako, arf arf! :)

  2. It won't let me take the quiz! Maybe the website knows I'm not filipino. :(

    I'll just take DingDong too.

    On a side note, his name is DingDong? Is this a common name in your country? Calling someone a "Ding Dong" is an insult here!

  3. Hi TB, maybe there is a problem with the website or maybe because of your IP address :(

    You wouldn't regret taking Dingdong too, he is very handsome!

    Dingdong is his screen name but his real name is Jose Sixto Gonzales Dantes III. It made me curious where did he get that name....I'll investigate.

    Have a great weekend!


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