May 22, 2010

Transportation the Filipino Way

 I would like to share to you how common people here in the Philippines travel from one place to another. Cars are very expensive here and only those who can afford may have it. But no worries because we have our way and it's really enjoyable. I took a picture of each but there are other options too, which vary from one place to another especially in the provinces. Check them here
Pedicab commonly called "Padyak" 
The pedicab is a three-wheeled vehicle. It is actually a bicycle with an attached sidecar for the passengers locally called "padyak" which means to tramp (using your foot).
Motorcycles with a sidecar attached on a third wheel. This, together with the pedicab usually operates for small distance travelling where jeep and buses couldn't reach.
Jeep or Jeepney
The most common means of transportation in the Philippines. The number of passengers varies upon the size of the jeepney and in most provinces (countryside) it was loaded from seats up to the roof. you can view some pictures here.
Buses are for long-distance travel usually from the city to the province and also for field trip and company outings.


  1. I loveee bikes. Wish i could use one in NYC...

    Have a great weekend! ;)

  2. Who needs a car when you have all of those other good ways of transportation??? Thanks for sharing this...

    Have a great weekend.

  3. IGal, thanks for visiting again. I love your blog and I like bikes too, I'm good at riding one.:)

    BETSY, you're right and add the factor that we don't have to worry about the rising price of oils and saving money for the car's maintenance.

    Have a great weekend Betsy and IGal

  4. Wow... I love hearing about things like this all over the world that I would never think about! Good post!


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