May 1, 2010

What Happened to Me?

I have few blogs this week, cause I was pretty busy and oh well, just thinking I was busy. There were few interesting things happened to me this week. I don't have the energy to write my stories but I will give you the gist:

1. Last Wednesday, I experienced earthquake. I was shocked, my heart pumped fast and I was out for words. Maybe because there were forecasts that there would be lots of earthquakes in the Philippines this year and the place where I am living is included on the so called fault line. (scaryyy)

2. Last week I haven't reach half the quota but the good news is, that wasn't the last week of the month. Thanks to GOD, I only asked for a $1000.00 to have at least half and HE gave me extra $7000.00. Thank you so much!!!

3. I went to church yesterday and guess what...the gospel was about how to handle the problems in your life. It's like, don't be sad if you have hard burdens that other people even though you're living a good life than them.

4. On my way to the church yesterday, I was stuck in the traffic 2 hours on the way to the church and 2 hours on the way back home. Can you imagine that? I can't even see the cause of the traffic.

5. I played the game of Nancy Drew "Warnings at Waverly Academy". It feels like I don't want to turn off the computer and don't want to go to sleep as well, so that I can figure out the culprit and I enjoyed solving the brain draining puzzles. Weeew (thumbs up for me).

6. and so on.................!

But trust me, I opened my blog and read the good posts of the blogs I am following. Have a great weekend and may it be less stressful.



  1. I enjoy your posts, even though there is a bit of a language barrier. I'm currently relaxing at my mom's house, and being out in the countryside is really helping my stress melt away. Have a great week! :)

  2. Hey TB, hope you had a great weekend in the countryside and sometimes, spending time with your family would be a nice way to relax and forget the stressful days we had.

    BTW, please bear with my english! (LOL)...thanks for reading my posts I really appreciate it and Happy mother's day to you!


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