June 17, 2010

14th Street is in Plague

Sorry guys if I'm causing you so much confusion with all this templates hopping. I am looking for the best template, as simple as possible but is light on the eyes. I don't want neither dark nor neon colors, they're not pleasing to the eyes. What I want is a white background for my post and a pastel color background for the blog. Look where 14th Street have been in just two months:

I am also trying to figure out how to do the html thing so that I could edit and soon make my own template. If you guys could give me any idea, that would be great and everything will be highly appreciated from the bottom pit of my loving heart.


  1. i agree with you sey, white background is pleasing to the eyes. finding the right template or the one that suits your taste is kinda hard and really takes a lot of time and effort. goodluck to your template hunting!

  2. Hey Jan, I think I'll be keeping this one now. Thank God I found the best one that want. I did it, yeheeey!

  3. I wish I could help you with html, but quite frankly I think you're doing very well. I like this template.

  4. I like this one too! Easy on the eyes! :)

  5. Templates does not make any diffrence but your writing does..
    Yes... In terms of your blog appearence it does matter but your concentration should be on writing..Sorry if said anything wrong..

  6. Haha! I am so like you! I'd been changing my template a hundred times already. Blame blogger for providing new cool designs that i can't keep the itch to change from time to time. Hehehe!

  7. I like the one you have on now! Cute!

  8. I guess it's each to his or her own... That's what makes life so interesting... We are all different. We all like different things. I don't care for the white background --and prefer the darker colors with the letters in white or a light color.

    My favorite colors in your blog lately have been the last one you used... LOVED those colors the best.


  9. [George] Thanks and if in any case you were able to figure it out too, please let me know...LOL

    [Nathalie] Yes, I like it too. This is something I am looking for.

    [From A to Z to "A"] I guess what you said is true. Writing does matter but I am just trying to venture on this template things.

    [Mishieru] I don't know why I am like this. Maybe I should stop on searching for blog backgrounds. But I am glad I'm not alone.

    [Island Gal] Thanks, I Like it too.

    [Betsy] how are you doing? I hope your knee would get better soon.

    I love the last one too. Just trying to figure the html lately that's why I keep on changing it.

  10. I love your new layout! It's pastel pink my favorite color =)

  11. Coline, We have the same favorite color...I love it too! glad you like it.


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