June 25, 2010

Being Single: by Chance or by Choice?

After more than 5 long years of being committed to the man whom I thought would never cheat on me (the whole story to follow, it's effin' too long), here I am single and free. I was pondering lately, it is my choice or brought by chance only? Situation and circumstances may have been brought by chance/fate, but to get out of the relationship with the man who cheated me is my choice. I could have stayed if I wanted too!!!, but not to the point where respect isn't there anymore.

So with the least few months of being single, while I am still nostalgic of having someone beside me/ to the crazy days of boredom and craziness while I'm working ways to move forward and be optimistic, I am dedicating this post to y'all out there who supported me and of course to my bloggy friends too many to mention but you know who you are. This is what I've come up while doing my silent healing and self-pondering process:

When I was whining like a cow (that's before) my boss (he is really kind) told me that your alone/single before you met him so why should you be bothered and cry. You're born alone and you don't need an asshole like him( just to cheer me up). There were some chances that the situation was brought up and I was so disgusted....what have I done....such a shame to cry in front of them huh!

If there are fun when you are committed then why should there be none when you're single? Right? It's not right to lock yourself in the closet and cry all day all night. Things be hard at first but you'll get by and just laugh of what had happened. I don't wanna be lonely, so common guys, cheer me up!!! Just kidding. I am happy with your comments and happy to meet you. Kudos!!!

Who said being single is bad? Nope not me!!! I remember what Betsy told me. (that's our little secret)! You're not the only person alone in the world, who knows your future better half is lonely too because like you, he/she still haven't found you.....YAY!!!


  1. I hate to even mention this, Sey, since I never have used the services--but have your thought about checking out a reputable internet service --looking for some male friends???? My son met a couple of great gals on the internet this way... He's shy --and divorced, and didn't know how to meet someone. You may want to try it---but make sure it's a good agency with a good reputation.

    BUT---don't do this UNTIL you are truly ready to move on with your life...As long as you are still bitter and sad and upset, then don't do it yet.... A new man doesn't need to hear all about the 'ex'...

    Good Luck.

  2. Betsy,

    Thanks! I haven't tried that since birth and I am afraid to do it...really!!! I thought I would never find a good guy online! My friends were setting me up on a date and I told them I am good at being single now. I am still enjoying my new found freedom and I don't want to rush through things unless I am totally healed.

    So I guess for me, being single now is my choice! Thanks and I will try to do that online dating when I'm ready, My boss is planning that one too!

    Hugs a lot,
    Sey :)

  3. I know the situation isn't exactly the same, but after my first wife died I was sure I would spend the rest of my life alone. I didn't even do any dating, but after a couple of years I suddenly met the beautiful woman who is now my wife. We never know what the future holds.

  4. Sey, those who fly alone often have stronger wings..so cheer up! there are lots of single women out there who are happy. :)

  5. George:
    Nothing is certain and I'll let God do the move! I'll trust his plan for me!

    Awwwww!!! I love that! "Those who fly alone have stronger wings....it's my choice! I need to take a break! Thanks Jan!!!

  6. I think being single gives you time to prioritize your life and chase your dreams. I am a strong believer in destiny and fate, so just keep living your life and the rest will sort itself out.


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