June 5, 2010

The Freedom of Information Bill is Dead

I was about to blog about my "Blessings Friday" today but it's an urgent matter I think that I should write something about the news I've watched on the national television last night. Let's make it clear though, that for a fact:
  1. I am not an activist,
  2. I am not planning to run for any government position today and definitely not in the future, never in my entire existence here on earth,
  3. I don't have grudges with the government officials,
I am just a concern citizen and since we have freedom of expression let me say my point of view and if you have time please share yours as well.

Yesterday, the "Freedom of Information" (FOI) bill was scheduled to be ratified by the House of Representatives during the last day of session of the 14th Congress. But it was killing instead of ratification due to lack of quorum. 135 lawmakers were needed to have a quorum but only 128 showed in the session hall. Isn't that awesome? Hey, where were the rest of the lawmakers? But well of course, we know that they cannot transact any business without the proper quorum, so what should we do? Aren't you suppose to represent us, but where were you? argggggggggggg...........
To tell you the truth, I feel betrayed. Yeah, that's right! This is a 12-year-old bill people and this will give us, the citizens the right to have access to all important documents and will give transparency to all government transactions. Besides, what they're spending is our money, the taxes we're contributing every month from our salary. I wouldn't react like this if there were no public scandals and issues about government projects, then afterwards it's a tug of war between who's to blame and who's right and wrong. 

Don't you want transparency my dear representatives? I'm not questioning the quorum thing cause that's acceptable, I am just asking where were the others? Aren't they suppose to be in the session hall doing their job?


  1. Island Gal: Thanks..it's a relief someone agrees with me! Good luck to the weekend bike ride :)

  2. Yeah i saw that in the news yesterday. I am now more disappointed to our government. Grr!

  3. Mishieru: Me too! What the heck! It feels like my vote was wasted.

  4. I must be out of the loop. I had no idea!

  5. The world needs more concerned citizens like yourself! Keep letting your voice be heard!

  6. thanks for the support Rachel!

  7. Good for you... Stand up for yourself!!! Our country is finally about to wake up --and the people are rebelling about all of the stupid decisions being made by our current government. The people need to take BACK the Government --no matter where you live. I hope you continue sharing your opinion --and can get many more citizens to stand up for yourself and what the people want. Good Luck.


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