June 12, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs

It's Friday and New Adventures in Dreamworld is doing Flip-off again. It's a product of the mind of Kludgy Mom. It's their way of releasing stress. This would be a great way to release the tension.

TO THOSE WHO ARE BIAS:  I'm not the one who told you what's in there. I just made a suggestion where to find it. Don't be bias and put the weight on me just because you can't get even to other people. I am trying to understand the situation and if you have a problem, it's not my fault. Kick your ass and FLIP OFF.

TO MAILER DAEMON: Why do you keep on returning the messages I am returning to the person whose email addresses I know where still valid and active. FLIP OFF

TO THE GARBAGE MAN: I gave an advance fee so that you would take care of my garbage. I told you I will leave the bag on the front door so that you can dispose it just in case I am still sleeping. What did you do? After having the money, you didn't showed up. FLIP OFF and never show your face to me again.

TO THE INQUIRERS: You inquired on our website and asks for pricing. I sent you an email and called you to make sure you got it. You're not relying until now. Just let me know the status so that I wouldn't waste the time making the follow up. FLIP OFF

TO MR. WEATHER: Why can't you make up your mind? It's raining and cold then all of a sudden you'll let Mr. Sun come out and sprinkle sunshine which causes heat  then you will get rid of him again after lunch and make Ms. Rain pour some raindrops. You're making us sick!!!! FLIP OFF.

on second thought let me also thank GOD and help me in,


MY BOSS AND SUPERVISOR/MANAGER: Despite all the stress at work, I realized I was blessed with a good boss and a supportive supervisor/manager. THANKS GOD.

MY INCOME: There are so many people dying of hunger. THANK YOU I was blessed with a good paying job. I can provide for the things I need and I am not a pain to my parents.

THE LISTENING EARS: This past few months were really hard for me and I was really down to nothing. THANK YOU,  you sent people who were willing to listen to what I have to say and give unbias advise.

MY BLOGGER FRIENDS: they share their thoughts and gives advise. They understand when I can't even write a good post and encourage me to move on and let me know that I am not alone.

MY FAMILY: I haven't spent a long time with them since I went to college but they always look forward to the day I am about to go home.


  1. Glad you took time to count your blessings, Sey.... When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!!!!! In other words, make the best out of ALL situations.


  2. [Betsy]
    yes, because it's unfair if I will only complain and not count the blessings.

    My officemate here wanna say hi, she knew you well, I'm bragging about you. hahaha, but the problem is she thinks she's lazy to make a blog.

    "When life gives you Lemon, make Lemonade" I LOVE IT!!!

  3. This is so stress-busting! And good to know that despite being flip-off you can still count your blessings! Have a great day Sey!

  4. [Mish]
    Thanks and have a great weekend too! I released the stress on my keyboard.

  5. ooooh.... I agree with
    TO MAILER DAEMON!!!!! So annoying...

    Sounds like you have a great job though... a good boss can totally make or break it!

  6. You are very wise to follow your flip-offs with your blessings. Unfortunately we can't avoid the annoyances of life, but we should never forget to count our blessings.

  7. It's always good to weigh the good with the bad!

    Happy FYBF!

  8. Nathalie: Yes, I am so glad to have a good boss so Mailer Daemon cannot stop me.

    George: I agree with you George and I know it wasn't fair to count only the bad things while leaving the blessings behind.

    Corinne: thanks for dropping by. You're right and that's what makes a difficult life worth living.


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