June 3, 2010

Rainy Days with a bit of Sunshine

It seems like it will rain in Manila today. Look at the picture below. This is the sight outside the window of our office. It's actually 5:40 in the morning when I captured this picture on my camera but I guess it doesn't look like it's morning isn't it?
Sun rays with rain clouds
What I intend to post is the view outside the building where our office is located however, I was amazed by the combination of sun rays and rain clouds over the sky. It's time to get our umbrellas ready, put on our jackets and be ready for the rainy season. Hooray!

Tomorrow, I'll show you the side of the building where "Manny Pacquiao" shoot the scene for a TV commercial in the Philippines.


  1. Wow... the sun comes up early! Not to mention you were out and about pretty early too! Hope it was a great day!

  2. at last rainy season is here yehey! i miss the rain. it's been scorching hot the past months.

  3. Hi Sey, What a gorgeous picture of the sunrise ---along with the rain and clouds.... NEAT!!


  4. That's quite the picture! I too love capturing little moments with my camera. :-)

  5. I appreciate that it hasn't been as hot as it was the past month but I hope the weather doesn't overdo it by giving us too much rain. Damn, I hope weather stops taking crack cocaine so it can make up its mind. It keeps changing. :)

  6. It is a beautiful picture. It's been raining here in Pampanga since monday. And I don't know right now the weather has gone crazy..right now its sunny then after a few minutes you'll see rain clouds moving so fast

  7. I am loving the weather too! Though i went home the other day all wet, still i will always be thankful that it rained already! Have a great weekend Sey!

  8. Nathalie: Yup, I'm wide awake that early cause I'm working at night.

    Bipolar Diva: Yup, that was amazing

    Janjan and Mishieru: I love the rainy season too. At last!

    Betsy: Thanks for everything. I look forward to hearing some news about your knee.

    Coline: Where in Pampanga?

    Gnetch: If the weather would change again today, I'll help you in killing it.

  9. This is a wonderful picture of the sky through the rain-streaked window. I like it!


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