June 23, 2010

To do list: when you have nothing to do

"Time is Gold"! If time is real gold then I am rich. Let me share with you the things I am doing when I have spare time. During weekends and holiday when I'm not sleeping, 
it's so nice to sleep when you're working on graveyard shift
I am playing using paint. I am not good at arts and crafts so I should focus on this one and the product, ta-da-da-dan,
What? building on the countryside?
When I was young my teacher would let us draw some pictures on bond papers and color them with crayons and water colors. I usually draw a field with skeletal birds, a sun and a mountain. At least there's a little improvement adding the buildings above. Where is paint, photoshop and illustrator back then? 
good way to let the time pass
If paint is not enough to keep you entertained, you can try playing Nancy Drew's detective games. I'm done with four and I hope I could acquire Nancy's skills. 
And last, add one book to your list. I got this one last Saturday and the good news is, I'm done with it too. It's a story about a music journalist named Dave who became an agony uncle for a teen mag when the music mag folded. He was married to an editor of a woman magazine named Izzy. One book will keep you entertained for the weekend. I bought this one for 20 pesos only at book sale. 


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  2. Oh I haven't played around in Paint for years! I should do it! So much fun!

  3. Dionne: You should try it again when you have them time.Ideas will come out naturally, you'll never notice you already have a nice picture in front of you.

  4. Painting is a great way to get creative and use your time! I have not seen those Nancy Drew games. Thank you for the tip! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  5. I'm using this summer to catch up on my reading too!


  6. If you have time you should watch a couple of tv shows online. www.tvshack.net
    They have everything from the start!

    I'm watching "Pretty little liars" and "True Blood". "Lie to me" and "leverage" are really good! Give them a try!

    I'm also doing some reading and will definitely add that one! ;)

  7. reading is also my past-time and writing as well. but drawing, painting and all stuff related to that??? nah...i'll forget it coz i can't draw haha!

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    xo Erin

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  10. From the sound of this you should never be bored. I don't have much talent with painting, but I really like to read.

  11. Hi Sey, Like George, my talents don't like in Painting or Drawing ---but we do like to read...

    I remember the Nancy Drew books... BUT--since I'm so much older, my favorites were the Bobsey Twins. ha ha


  12. i love paintings! just paint and paint lang, khit abstract.. maganda yun! hehe... hi ms.sey' your blogs are so nice' maybe we can chat on ym, para naman may mga matutunan akong bgong stuffs' u...here's my ym yumireyes55@yahoo.com

  13. I LOVED the Nancy Drew books! I would devour them on my summer breaks as a child. :-)

  14. Mama Hen: Hope you could play Nancy Drew and share them with Little Chick - yay!

    Dating Diva (Delilah): good luck. Hope you could find good books and don't forget to share the news to us.

    Island Gal: Thanks for the sharing the TV shows. I'll definitely give them a try :)

    Jan: you know what, I can't draw too- LOL, still practicing and if there's one thing I'm bad about it's art. weeeh!

    George: I love to read too. Hope you could give me some hints about the books you've read.

    Betsy: I'll take a look at Bobsey Twins. Wow we have the some hobby, reading and blogging.

    Yumi: Sure! I'll add you on YM when I'd get the chance to log in. I'm usually on skype but I'll do it for you definitely. Hope you could pop here again and enjoy reading

    Rachel: Yeah! Great fun and I learned a lot.

    Thanks Guys!

  15. Happy Welcome Wednesday!


  16. You are the second person to recommend this book - I'm going to have to look for it at the library!

    xo Erin

  17. Hey chick! Jumped over from Gnetch's blog! Fucking LOVING you already... You're totally speaking my language, PS... Illustrator... those words are like diamonds to me!!!

    The best thing anybody could EVER say to me is that I don't look like a mom! Hell yeah bitch!

  18. Yay!!! My BBBF is here already!! I love playing with MS Paint too. Though I rarely have free time. And when I say rarely, I mean it. I'm really a super busy person. I miss going on vacations having time to just space out. :)

  19. KyAnn: Thanks

    Erin: You have to. It may not meet the standard of other readers but what is good about it is the lesson you'll learn. You won't regret it.

    Crazy Brunette: a.k.a the BBBF of Gnetch, oh, I'm melting like ice...Thanks

    Gnetch: Okay, I'll take rarely as it is...most of the time when you say something it's the opposite and that's what is special about you. Hahaha- your digging out the freaking crazy in me.

  20. I love having nothing to do because that means I can blog :-D Ah I used to adore the Nancy Drew books - how nostalgic!!!

  21. Cafe Bellini:
    Nancy Drew are a great fun!! Thanks for visiting!


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