June 19, 2010

A walk with Nature

I had a walk with nature this morning and look what I got. It's so nice to capture them and I hope I did a great job with them.
lonely bicycle
lady in the pathway
tree trunk
I had a phone call with my mother yesterday and we both agreed that I should come home next weekend in time for my nephews birthday. The trip for today was cancelled and I made an appointment with friends. We were going out today for a movie and will watch a badminton game later. Happy weekend everyone and the pictures above are for you.


  1. Nice pictures! What a lovely area.

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    There's lots of blog hops around and lots of fun new blogs to be found. Looking forward to your posts.



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    Mama Hen

  5. Hi. miss.... These pics are really cool and it indicates that you are a intelligent blogger with a good tast :)

  6. Great pictures!!!
    I love the bike one.
    Nice job! :-)

  7. Beautiful pictures... LOve the brightness and colour.....

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  9. I hope you're having a good weekend with your friends. It's too bad your trip back home for the weekend got changed, but I know you'll enjoy being there for your nephew's birthday.
    I really like your picture of the tree.

  10. the bike pic is cute. you got an eye for photography.

  11. from A to Z to "A" - thank you so much!

    Rachel - Thank you. I love the Bike too, BTW, I am happy you finally broke the news to your boss.

    Ratz - I am so glad you like the pictures.

    George- Thanks and I am glad you like my pictures. I will bring you good news about the trip next week.

    Janjan- Thanks Jan, It's nice to know you love my photos...so great! wow

  12. Love those pictures! Where did you take these? The place seems so nice.

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  14. Gnetch - the pictures were taken on the park at Madrigal Business Park in Alabang. The man who owns the bike on the picture above, was really staring at me thinking that I might stole his bike. Hahahahaha!

  15. I thought the bike was yours or your friend's hahaha. Lovely pictures =)

  16. Coline,

    The bike isn't mine, I just saw it in the park and when the owner was away I took a picture. Ha-ha-ha!

  17. Neat pictures. That's why i'm not a photographer. Never think about photographing something like that but very nice. Following you from follow me back tues. Stop by when you get a chance: http://angiewith2.blogspot.com/

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