June 15, 2010

When the Going gets Tough.....

When the going gets tough, quitting isn't the only answer............yay!
This is what I learned from this 2 days of incognito from the world wide web. I lured myself with this book I was able to buy from a book sale. With the lesson I learned, I could say that it's worth the money I spent. I was off to buy a novel at first, but due to the ups and downs that I've been lately, look what I've got from the bookstore. I'm not yet finished with it but let me share the thoughts that I've learned so far and  I hope you could use them too. The pictures below were just product of my wild imagination. I promise to do better next time but at least I hope they could convey the lesson I want to impart to all of you guys.

When you have problems, be careful not to lump them all together into one big cloud  over your head and just say "Poor Me"

Separate your problems and deal with them one by one. Take one step at a time
Don't leave any problem undealt with. Don't look the other way and pretend the problem isn't there
Eyes ahead! Forward march! Gert tough! Endure! Eyes forward! Hang on and don't let go! Always remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going because quitting isn't the only answer.


  1. Great book and great advice, Sey.... I love the one telling you to tackle one thing at a time... That's GOOD.

    Hope you gradually start feeling better...

  2. I love the one that tells us to tackle one thing at a time. I know that I tend to get stressed and lump problems into one big cloud. It is so much easier to deal with issues one...great reminder!

  3. That sounds like an awesome book. And I really love that quote, "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." Really true.

  4. It sounds as if you've learned some valuable lessons from your new book. I would definitely say you're getting your money's worth!!

  5. that's a bright attitude there. that's right, quiting isn't the only answer.

  6. It sounds so simple, but such a great lesson! If you don't face your problems, they fester and grow, rather than going away. The only way to get rid of a problem is to face it head-on. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Great book it is! Hmmm, it is so true no problem is bigger than a person whose faith and courage never ceases.

    Love your sketches haha!

  8. Your stick illustrations are funny!

    Great book!

    I've found you from few of my fave bloggers. Nice to meet you!:)

  9. [BETSY] I am really delighted with what you said to me, "When life gives you Lemon, make Lemonade" and there goes this book. thanks for everything and I am really doing great.

    [RACHEL] it's really good to take one thing at a time, we're not superheroes.

    [GNETCH] yup, I love it too. We are the "tough" one.

    [KRYSTEN] hope you could find the book. It really helps me.

    [GEORGE] really worth the money I spent.

    [JANJAN] we gotta keep going and moving forward.

    [TB] you're welcome and it's nice to have you back. I really miss you.

    [MISH] at last someone noticed my stick sketches. weeee, so hard doing them. Keep the faith kicking high.

    [ISLAND GAL] yup, really, really good.

    [IM NO MISS] thanks for following my blog and it's great you found the stick sketches funny too. Wow they made me laugh too.


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