July 22, 2010

Can We Do This?

Can we do this? I woke up so hungry and there's no one to prepare my food because all of them were sleeping,
i did it!!! yes!!! i did it!!!
just a naughty idea of sending food by attaching them through emails. The food will be directed to your microwave connected to the computer. All you have to do is download it. Hmmm, just a crazy idea that pops in my mind today out of nowhere!

P.S. Thanks to a friend who have done my banner.  I am trying to learn the photoshop and illustrator and was hoping that I could do it. But for now, let me practice with paint first.


  1. Beam me up (a plate of chicken enchiladas) Scotty! Love it...I would totally purchase this download :)

  2. If you get this idea to work, sign me up!

  3. Donda
    Thanks. I will send you one for free and send you letter to answer too (Ask Arlee)... :)

    George Definitely George! I won't forget to send you one and Betsy too!

  4. OH Good! I haven't had a question in a while!

  5. Donda I will write the letter tonight with all my heart then send it to you. Gee, I'm so excited~!

  6. that's a pretty good idea. i can order anything i want hehehe..i envy you coz you can do the art thing. i've tried ms paint but im not really good at it. i have photoshop in the office but im too lazy to learn.

  7. Ha, that is a great idea Sey! If it were possible I would totally do it! :-)

  8. Hahaha Sey... You are a genius... I really wish someone could invent this.... hehehehe.... but now that the idea is up someone might just try it...


    Hey how are you doing??? Doing better??

  9. Janjan this crazy idea came to me because whenever I'm hungry I have to prepared my food which is not quite easy when you also have to work. I started with scratches too when I started paint. My friend can't do all the artwork for me all the time so I have to do it myself. No choice.

    Rachel yes!!! I totally want it too.

    Ratz Dear I hope a scientists would pop with my blog and invent this one. Total satisfaction for me and for the rest.

    Doing great now! Thanks for the care. Love yah girl!!!


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