July 17, 2010

Detective Sey

Am I really that famous? Nope, I doubt it! Really!!! but caution guys....please bear with this post, btw thanks to Super Gnetch

What's the feeling of waging war with someone you don't know? It's like punching the wind with no idea when it will strike back. Yeah!!! That's it...

I've been incognito for some personal reasons and some of you my readers would have known the reason because I confided with you (through email of course) I never logged in to Facebook for a long time and when I tried to open it, pooop.....the password was changed. So someone really wants to know everything about me uhhh???, since it's so private and you can't even see who my friends are. Whoever did it, thank you for changing my password, now I have to deactivate the account for good because you also sent emails to my friends which I never did in my entire life would send to them. Glad my friends were kind enough to understand the situation, so you failed again....looser!

I appreciate the comments of my readers! That is the actual proof that they're reading what I write (thanks guys)!!! Of course comments would be related to the post, isn't it??? How come you would put a comment which is not related to the post? You think you can fool me??? nope you failed again.....looser!

My bloggy friends suggested that I should have a real vacation. Good for me I have a God given boss who understands and let me have my indefinite leave for a while so that I could catch up with the health, depression and one other thing. Of course this come with certain agreement that I should report to the office sometimes if I can, but I have to attend to my emails at home or where the hell I would go. That is the reason I should be awake at night but at least I am on the comfort on the people who would understand and love me despite what happened (my family and friends). One of my officemates set-up an opera browser on my phone so that I could keep track with my email and with my blog and when I have to call someone they're willing enough to do the calls for me..(that's how supportive they are). So whenever I woke up even at late midnight I could check emails. ( so just you know!!)

btw, this is my Google calendar. There I put my schedules. It shows that I visited 2 friends in my hometown last May and June.  Just want to share with you guys so that if you want to meet me I can set the date. I'm forgetful. 

Just a reminder to those who were trying to prank me, well guys, don't be bitchy, for all you know, I'm a detective, I have IT's beside me and I have an analysts who is just one text away. How come you would see me when I'm not there and what a coincidence you know where I live? So fishy!!!

to be continued.....


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  2. I know where you're coming from!

  3. I know a lot of people have/had Facebook accounts, but I have been leery of the security of them.

  4. Yumi thanks!!!

    George I already learned my lesson and now I'll be more careful.

  5. You're welcome, Sey. As I've said, I'll think of a way to stop that bitch!!! :D

    Wait. Is she even worth our precious time??? Haha.

  6. Gnetch thanks a lot, really!!! I appreciate everything.

    on second thought, I think she's a waste of time!!! but I love bitching a bitch....right? hahahaha!!!

  7. Hmmm i am missing something! Hahaha! What's wrong Sey? Tell tell!

  8. Oh my...someone's pestering you? I think I've read that comment which is totally out of place... It's so pathetic of her.

    Anyway, i hope this and everything that bothers you will come to rest. I know you're strong enough to hold up. just don't forget you have your blogger friends to support and encourage you and listen to everything you want to unburden.

  9. Oh my effin God!! So many things happened eh!! Gosh!!!

    Enjoy ur vacation detective... Love ya and take care... just be careful..


  10. :) i am happy that you are taking all this so sportingly..it can really unnerve you and irritate you...take care ..and keep smiling

  11. I think we should keep our cool..

    Where do we find that bitch!!??

    Haha! Just trying to make you smile.

  12. I'm now following your fun blog from the Blog Hop! Feel free to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com. :)

  13. I'm now following your fun blog from the Blog Hop! Feel free to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com. :)

  14. What the heck? That's messed up! I can't believe that, I hear about hacking all the time, and it sucks that you were on the receiving end of it!

  15. Hey Sey,
    I hope everything is ok. I’ll say a little prayer for you!

    Remember that this blog is your outlet and you can come here and share your feelings and get feedback…use ut to your advantage!



  16. Mitch I'll send you an email about the whole story :)

    Janjan Yes Jan, someone's is pestering me. That is the reason why I tried to write it here maybe she would be aware that I am not alone and she/he won't escape the wrath-LOL!!!! Thanks

    Ratz Thanks girly!!! I'll be careful always!

    I'm Miss Hahahaha, you really made me smile...thanks a lot. When I found her, I'll let you know.

    Dionne I was really sad that I became a victim and now, I have to suffer of loosing contact with so many friends. I do hope that the one who changed my password is someone I didn't know.

    Rachel Thanks for the prayer and for the encouragement.



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