August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack Of All Trades

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I thought I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I can't sleep and I throw out everything I ate for lunch, my stomach aches a lot and I feel dizzy. Sure signs that depression and nostalgia are striking again. My phone rung reminding me that Papa will be celebrating his birthday today. He is not my biological father, but he is someone so dear to me and by heart he is a father to me. After five years, this will the first time that he will celebrate his birthday without my greetings because I already dumped my old phone number because of the reason that I want to avoid his son for a while. Not forever of course, but something reasonable, like 50 YEARS (just kidding). Withe the length of time that I spent with them, I could say that he was such a good father, not a replacement for my deceased father, but just an addition to the love of my life. He never let me left like an outcast but rather treated me like his own daughter. I remember when "Ate" (Filipino term for an older sister) said Papa loves me so much because he always took me home with his motorcycle when I am visiting them.

Stories of the family gave me the impression that Papa is strict and sort of a bad boy during his younger years. He is five years younger than Mama and he got her pregnant when he was only 16 years old. Of course, too young then, his mother took him away and returned back when he could stand on his own and they got married when their first kid was 4 years old (that's ate). What a love story uh? Like any other couples there we rough times and holes to patch up yet they made it through and I am glad they did. Mama always said that he would leave Papa when they grow old but I knew that was just a joke since they seem to love each other even better when they grew older. 

What reminds me most about him is his ability to repair and do almost all things in the house, certainly a Jack of All Trades.  Well yeah, If I could send you letter now, I would tell you how thankful I am that once I lived my life with you and you will forever be in my heart. Despite your silence with had happened I know you care a lot and you simple showed it by teasing us to ease the pain somehow. Happy Birthday!

This time just made me ponder, what would be the perfect gift for him. Maybe a Heritage Professional Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set from Brookstone would be just awesome since he loves too cook too, especially now that there are Great gifts for dad at and they are offering $10 discounts for $70 purchase or more. Maybe I would just send the gift and have it directly shipped to him so that he would trace where I live now. If any of your are looking for great gifts for Dad, visit Brookstone and the code for the discount is 22SAVE.

Well, Happy Birthday Papa...I wished that God will bless you a healthy life since you're not getting any younger, patience when Mama knocks you down and J-anne lost her temper, and more laughter especially when Jhen's doing an MTV like video. I miss you all and take care.


  1. Hello there! Glad to see you blogging! How are you feeling?

    Hope you find the right gift! Sounds like a great guy!

  2. Amanda Hi! Thanks, it's nice to be back again. I am doing well now, thanks for checking and visiting. He is really a nice guy. Have a great weekend!

  3. You are so lucky to have a fatherly figure with someone outside your family, it's so rare that you would find such a great man.

    Happy weekend Sey!

  4. Hello! So glad when I saw you commented on my last post and that you are back!
    This is such a sweet tribute and post! The hardest part of breaking an exgagement 4 1/2 years ago was that I loved his parents so much! They are still dear to me and still send Christmas cards and even a graduation card and gift for my youngest son last year. The son that their son was horrible to... which lead to our breakup. His mother told me one that I should wouldn't blame me if I Never spoke to her son again. That was 4 years ago. I Love that lady & her sweet, sweet husband!

    Great post, SEy!!
    Big Hug,

  5. Sweet post. Happy bday to your papa.

  6. I hope your 'Papa' had a wonderful birthday. My Dad is also a Jack of All Trades who can fix just about everything. Dad will turn 98 August 29.

  7. awwww...that's sweet of you Sey. He's lucky to have known someone like you.

  8. Mishieru thanks Mitch and hope you had a great weekend too.

    Velvet Over Steel Thanks for dropping by Coreen. It's really hard to stay away from people who are dear to you just because I want to get away from a member of their family. Hope you're doing great now. I really learned a lot from you.

    Gnetch Thanks Gnetch

    George Your dad is amazing. I am glad you still have him until now. Love him George.

    Janjan I am too lucky to meet him too together with Mama. Belated happy birthday.

  9. Waah.. I'm such a cry baby.. don't look at me.. ^^.

    it's okay to cry! You're not alone. I'm a cry baby too!


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