August 31, 2010

Pride and Humility

"Pride is the root of all evil while Humility is the mother of all virtues"

Story #1

Lady: Father is it a sin to praise thyself?

Priest: What are you saying/doing to praise yourself?

Lady: Every morning, I face the mirror and tell myself, "You're so cute and Pretty".

Priest: Don't worry, that isn't a sin, that is merely an eye defect.

Story #2

Albert Einstein was about to give a lecture on one conference. When he got to the car, his driver talked to him:

Driver: Sir, why won't you let me do the lecture on th conference. I will pretend as you and you will pretend as my driver.

Einstein: What a great idea!

On the conference they did what had been planned and the driver was able to deliver the lecture well. One of the guest, who is also a scientist asked one hard question. The driver replied:

Driver: That is an easy question, (looking at Einstein on his seat), Even my driver could answer that.


  1. Hahaha! Number two is hilarious--I will be re-telling that one. :)

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for making me laugh this early. Really need it.

    Love those sayings above!

  3. Aw. I like the first one. When you look at it in a deeper perspective, it's true. No one can claim perfection and for me, praising oneself is claiming perfection. Nobody's perfect. :)

  4. TB:
    Yes, you really should. They will laugh too, for sure.

    You're welcome Mitch. I would love to share the laughter.

    You got it right Gnetch. That is so true.

  5. I've heard the second story before, but the first is new to me. Both are very funny and cute.

  6. George:
    Yeah, they made me LOL inside the church..hahaha!

  7. Ha! Love it :) Thanks for sharing! I LOVE the second one :) :) Too cute!

  8. Amanda:
    Your welcome! Love both but I think Einstein driver is a genius too. hahaha

  9. hahaha! i think einstein's driver is more genius. LOL!

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  11. hi there!

    i am following u now....

    great blog!

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  12. Jan:
    the way the driver answered the question he's certainly a genius.


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