September 20, 2010


Even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed....
Matthew 17:20

Not known to everydoby, I have this money magnet. It is said that this will attract money whereever you placed it and that when money begins to pour, it comes so quickly and in such great abundance that you will wonder where it has been all those lean years.

Who doesn't want and need money? Not me, of course we all need this to survive but don't get me wrong. What attracted me to get this stuff is the "Mustard Seed" stuck inside that circle on the picture.

I always hear people say when we believe, even if our faith is small as a mustard seed, nothing is impossible. But what the heck does a mustard seed looks like? So now I know -- and everytime I feel like the world is falling down on my shoulder, I will embody the Abundant State of Mind and always believe that tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Well said Gal... Mustard Seed are an eye opener! :-D

  2. Ratz:
    never thought that a small like that would give a great deal of hope.

    i'm no miss:
    glad you're inspired by it too.

  3. I could sure use one of those magnets too! Let me know if it works. ;)

  4. Gnetch So true, really.

    TB Sure, but I could assure you faith really works.

  5. There have been times when I could use a money magnet. I like the idea that a mustard seed is included with that magnet.

  6. i like the passage and where did you get that money magnet? i think i need that..i've been short of cash these days hahaha

  7. So true! Faith can move mountains so they say!

  8. George Actually it's the mustard seed that made me buy that money magnet.

    Janjan At National bookstore Jan. Go and buy one. It's the faith and the belief on the abundant state of mind that will lead you to want you wanted.

    Mishieru That's true Mitch..very very true


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