September 30, 2010

I miss it, why not? Oh gosh!

5, 6, and 7! 7:00 ring my bell. Always looking forward to lay my back flat on the bed, close my eyes and let dreams carry me to the deepest room of my unconsciousness. But given the chance I would like to be awake 24/7. I have the feeling that I have so many things to do but time is so scarce.  Darn, why am I rushing things like this, when I use to believe that there's always time for everything like what I use to say to my students. Oh gosh, didn't I tell you that? Yes, I'm a teacher. 

Piles of notebooks to check, exams to administer, meetings to hold and 4th year high school students to guide. Hard but amazing though. It will consume your energy but it will give you self-fulfillment. You'll earn a little yet, you'll be remembered forever. That's how I see my profession. Hard but simply fabulous. 

I took a slight detour to find what was missing but now I admit that I miss moments like these:

"the lovebirds" it's a stolen shot


  1. oh my! i didn't know you were a teacher. i always have high regard for teachers. so why did you stop teaching?

  2. As a former teacher I can understand why you miss moments like the ones in your pictures. Those are the best things about teaching.

  3. That's wonderful--I had no idea! Will you be returning to teaching?

  4. I told u Sey, earn and then go back! that is what you are meant to be..


  5. Teaching is the noblest profession. The photos looked all fun!

  6. Why did you stopped teaching? Did you know that becoming a teacher was my dream too?

  7. Hahaha! I should have said "to be a teacher"! Now i know why i couldn't be one hehehe...

  8. Janjan I got bored and then...that's it.and one thing more..there's no money in teaching. Haha! I have to save.

    George I didn't know you're a teacher too. Wow! I would agree that bonding with the students are the best part.

    Flying High in the Sky They're still sweethearts till now. Can you imagine that? haha

    TB Yes, I'm I have plans to go back, not sure when but I will definitely go back.

    Gnetch Thanks

    Ratz Yes, I will sure do ti. Thanks for the support.

    i'm no miss that's true and that is what I love about it.

    Mitch Got bored but I will go back soon.

  9. Teaching is not my talent :D

    Btw, I don't fully agree that "there is no money in teaching" he he
    Certified teachers in Indonesia have increased salary now, and some of them told me that the salary is well enough for a month

    Love & hug
    Citra @ innocentia

  10. Dewi Citra Certified teachers here would earn good enough too, but not during the time I was teaching and not in private schools.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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