September 15, 2010

It's Women of Achievement Month

February 2008, when I started this blog. Rambling from scratches and the only reader I have is no other than "ME" wondering where I was going. Without any single idea, I made blogger like Twitter, posting what comes to my mind whether it be a heartache, laughter or misery. The hell I care, no one is reading anyway. 

This month The Lady Bloggers Society is on it's way to helping women realize the achievements they've accomplished be it big or small. What I have on hand so far in nothing compared to what other members have. This post is written after rigorous self analysis, thorough examination of achievements and handful of courage but still my achievements are scratches so please bear with me and let me just share what I have and let me know if I could be counted as "A Woman of Achievement". 

1. After almost a year and a half of blogging, I gained many (100 are many to me, I am not famous) followers and few readers. The achievement is mostly on the fact that even though I have few readers, yet they are what you can say the best online friends I have. And believe me, if you'll be missing in action the first few people to notice  what's happening are your blog friends and wait till your email and twitter accounts will be bombarded with messages. It's so nice to know people care a lot for you. It makes my heart swells.

2. Racism is one reason that knocks me down when I started this blog. Our country is not rich and I was devoured by my fear that people will defy my grammar and laugh on my mistakes. After a year, the 100% fear of racism dropped down to 50%, not yet done but still there is improvement. Now I can say "Hello World, I am a Filipino". Being proud of my heritage is one thing I should consider as a lifetime achievement.

3. I had separated with my boyfriend for almost 6 years. When we parted ways, it feels like the world will hunt me down with no hopes and escape. But then again, I manage to live without him and the separation draw me closer to God, to my old friends I lost contact with and to my Family whom I fairly visit. Wasn't that an achievement? Yes it is. It's so nice to live the life I borrowed, appreciating the blessings. Not all people were given the privilege to be on this situation, this made and will make me tougher. It's difficult but I will get through it. And the spirit to fight and find inner peace is an achievement.


  1. Hey, girl! Wow, I'm so glad you found me today so that I could read your blog as well :) Yes, my dear... you are also a woman of achievement and you have many things to be proud of. Also, I think the fact that we have both walked out of relationships with boyfriends we were together with for six years each (what a strange coincidence!!) is proof that we are perhaps kindred spirits :)

    I'm so sorry you have had to endure racism. Sadly, as far as we've come, we have a long way to go yet. But keep your head up. I try always to remember the encouraging things that people say rather than focus on the negative, but it's hard sometimes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of not-so-nice people out there.

    I will follow you, too! Hope you have a great week :)

  2. Of course you are a woman of achievement Sey! You have overcome personal difficulties and have let them make you a stronger person.

    Keep fighting, keep believing, and most of all...KEEP SMILING! :-)

  3. Cornflakegirl74 I'm so glad to have found your blog today. Another addition to my happiness. The situation we've been through I guess are one of a kind and that I feel so lucky instead of sorry. Thanks for dropping by.

    Rachel THANKS*wink*...I always SMILE no matter what. Thanks for the encouragement and for the genuine friendship.

  4. Well, yes you are a WOA, girl! Especially on #3. I think it's the best achievement you've made. :)

    But please stay healthy. STOP getting sick all the time. Make that your goal, okay? And when you've reached that goal, you have a new achievement! Whaaaat?? :P

  5. Gnetch hahaha. thanks for making me laugh, don't worry I'll STOP getting sick and promise to be well always. Thanks again!

  6. I would agree that you defintely qualify as a woman of achievement.

  7. Thanks George.

    Kim Hye Rin Thanks Gal for visiting my blog.

  8. You should definitely be proud of being Filipino. My mother and her family is from Leyte, and I can definitively say with first-hand experience that Filipinos are the best-looking people in the world.

    Everyone should be envious of my genes.

    Congrats on your 100 readers! You have more than me! :o)

  9. I agree with Gnetch. #3 is a hard thing to deal with but you made it. Things happens for a reason. There is something better in store for you. Keep smiling!

  10. You're doing great and your blog is so inspiring!
    I too, just separated from a boyfriend of 6 years! I know exactly how you feel/felt. I have good days and bad... but my online friends help!
    Keep up the awesome blogging!

  11. Sweet Brtiches I never thought you have the same genes as mine. hahaha! Thanks and I' proud to be a Filipino.

    Mishieru Thanks Mitch that logic of everything happens for a reason really help through the years.

    NBS thanks. I am really blessed to come across with people who could understand the way I'm into. Thanks!


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