October 26, 2010

For Yumi Reyes

Dear Yumi,

Yumi Reyes as she calls herself (the picture taken from twiter but I wonder who is this girl in the pciture)
When you started commenting on my blog, you asked me to add you in my yahoo messenger because you wanted to learn things about blogging. Though I'm really not that expert like others, i added you. There were times that you've been silent but you're always coming back and read my post.  That made me happy cause i thought someone is happy reading my not so unique post especially those times when I'm in a battle of depression. 

One day you sent me an email asking me for help. You told me you live in Lipa City, Batangas.  I don't have any doubts and i am willing to help you then, because we're on the same situation however time didn't permit me to because i was on a vacation (YOU KNOW THE REASON WHY), but still i promised to help you when I come back. You continuously emailed me and I always answer you with pure heart and conscience. 

But the day came that you became too personal and it seems like you're copying the situation i'm in. I doubted then and never answered you back, but you became so eager to know what is happening in my life. You requested to follow me on twitter, you followed my blogger friends and you even followed my friends. That's when the time you became so obvious that you only what to dig out information from me.

Sunday, October 24th, 2010. I confirmed that you are really the one whom i suspected, but you're denying it. As Papa said you can deny and lie to everyone but you cannot lie to yourself. I really can't find rational reasons why are you doing this. You've been caught in the act but still have the courage to fire back everything to me like i'm the one lying. You knew what i was talking about, and i never thought of destroying your life. You should have known the reason why i stayed away because you asked me for it. You asked me to give you the chance to be with him but i never thought that you'll make up stories while i was away and quiet. 

Yumi Reyes my CONDOLENCES.  God Bless you!!! Aside from you and me GOD knows what's happening and only God will give the verdict. 

October 16, 2010


Today was scheduled for cleaning the office for some sort of bonding moment. I went to the supermarket yesterday to buy the cleaning materials. All was set and the only problem that I was thinking about is that we, "girls" will do all the work  but  I was surprised and amazed at the same time of what I witnessed today. What happened is the vice versa of my ugly thought. the guys did almost all the cleaning.
The spirit of brotherhood recognizes of necessity both the need of self-help and also the need of helping others in the only way which every ultimately does great god, that is, of helping them to help themselves.
--Theodore Roosevelt

October 14, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

One secret that people around me aren't aware of is my Christmas Directory (ssshhh, it's our secret) which I've been busy with, since July.  Christmas is so special to me, and since I haven't paid enough attention to the season last year due to some constraints, I planned it well this year. 

Like others, I would like to send a letter to Santa but afraid that he would reject my request since, oh well, I'm not that young...haha! Actually I did sent an email but he told me the elves have so much on their hands and they would concentrate on delivering the children's presents first. *sigh*, okay- no hurt feelings!

To make it fair, I will simplify my request. Something that I could get afford just in case someone wouldn't remember me this Christmas. These are what I am obsessed hooked with this past few months: bracelets and bangles:


While Gnetch wished for a laptop and Chinadoll Coleen wrote to Santa for an Ipod Nano with multi touch, mine is a bracelet or a bangle. 

Yay for Christmas, 73 days to go! Count with me! 

October 9, 2010

Life at Best is Bittersweet

Life at Best is Bittersweet
Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby made sense. Sometimes for our lives to be fruitful and worth remembering, there should be rough roads,  endless choices, ups and downs and constant changes. No matter how we set and planned things so they would turn out right there are always flaws in the process, which is just a reminder that life isn't perfect and will never be, in this imperfect world.  That is also the reason why we need each other.

P.S. I would also like to thank Christopher Columbus for discovering the American continent. Now I have ample time to relax and be bored at home which I wish wouldn't force me to jump from the third floor of the apartment. Nope! I was kidding!!! Haha!

Have a wonderful weekend!

October 6, 2010

Be Careful With What You Wish For

A charming Woman is a Busy Woman

4 Weeks ago, it seems like I have all the time in the world to waste. Too much time to procrastinate and my weirdo mind was kinda thinking of extreme activities so to use my time wisely (or better yet, I have so many things to do, but not in the mood to do it).

With all might, I wished that I would be given enough work so that I won't have spare time to think of nasty things and poooop......there you go. Thank goodness we're on the 21st century my table wans't bombarded with tons of paper works but looking into my computer would somehow make my mind crash.  

Every time i'm at work, I have more than 10 excel spreadsheets opened and what a real fun to have the tally. Thank goodness to formula again. With that I would like to write a letter of gratitude to Microsoft for inventing this awesome application (if I got it right). It's really useful and will be useful for me especially this month's load of work.

To give you a quick view of what is rambling inside my brain even when I go to sleep, here it is on the left side. To take note that I already closed the other reports as a treat to my erratic mind which is about to explode anytime. 


October 2, 2010

Under the Same Sky

We're all living under the same sky. I'm just wondering how your sky looks like today. Just in case you are wondering, this is what our sky looks like today. While I'm writing this post we're just waiting for the rain to stop so that we could head to a birthday celebration of a friend.
Oh My...it will rain
Have a great weekend everyone.