October 26, 2010

For Yumi Reyes

Dear Yumi,

Yumi Reyes as she calls herself (the picture taken from twiter but I wonder who is this girl in the pciture)
When you started commenting on my blog, you asked me to add you in my yahoo messenger because you wanted to learn things about blogging. Though I'm really not that expert like others, i added you. There were times that you've been silent but you're always coming back and read my post.  That made me happy cause i thought someone is happy reading my not so unique post especially those times when I'm in a battle of depression. 

One day you sent me an email asking me for help. You told me you live in Lipa City, Batangas.  I don't have any doubts and i am willing to help you then, because we're on the same situation however time didn't permit me to because i was on a vacation (YOU KNOW THE REASON WHY), but still i promised to help you when I come back. You continuously emailed me and I always answer you with pure heart and conscience. 

But the day came that you became too personal and it seems like you're copying the situation i'm in. I doubted then and never answered you back, but you became so eager to know what is happening in my life. You requested to follow me on twitter, you followed my blogger friends and you even followed my friends. That's when the time you became so obvious that you only what to dig out information from me.

Sunday, October 24th, 2010. I confirmed that you are really the one whom i suspected, but you're denying it. As Papa said you can deny and lie to everyone but you cannot lie to yourself. I really can't find rational reasons why are you doing this. You've been caught in the act but still have the courage to fire back everything to me like i'm the one lying. You knew what i was talking about, and i never thought of destroying your life. You should have known the reason why i stayed away because you asked me for it. You asked me to give you the chance to be with him but i never thought that you'll make up stories while i was away and quiet. 

Yumi Reyes my CONDOLENCES.  God Bless you!!! Aside from you and me GOD knows what's happening and only God will give the verdict. 


  1. She's crazy. She really is. She's following me on Twitter, as you know but I don't think she's following a lot of other bloggers.

    But still, going through all that trouble to know things about you is CRAZY. She needs to see a shrink. Stalkery is insane.

  2. It's so hard to understand why some people do what they do to disrupt our lives. Sorry you have had to endure that.

  3. Ok, this seals the deal--I don't think I'll stop blogging anonymously! It is far too easy for people to stalk one another on the internet, and maybe it is better to keep a guard up and be suspicious of everyone you meet online.

    I started a blog entry about meeting people online a while back, but I never finished it. A few years back, the hubby and I met someone online who we developed a close friendship with. We would talk on chat, messenger, and even on the phone. One day, she announced that she had a brain tumor and would be in the hospital for a while. We were very upset and worried about her, and offered to send her gifts or flowers in the hospital if she would tell us her last name and the hospital she was in, but she declined.

    Not long after that, one of our other online friends (who has been verified as a real person), showed us a screenshot of this girl we had been talking to. He was chatting with her on Yahoo Messenger and convinced her to go on cam. She was NOT the person she was pretending to be at all. Her entire Myspace page was fake, with pictures stolen from someone else. She probably never even was in the hospital, but I don't know since we stopped talking to her after that.

    Recently, she popped up again on facebook, with a whole new profile including tons of new pictures of this same girl she was pretending to be before. I looked over her profile, and since I know that she's fake, I was able to see little signs that the profile was actually fake.

    I should probably just finish the blog post about this and put it no my blog. What I'm trying to say is that you are not alone--I've been duped before, too. I hope that you can find a way to get over the feeling of violation of privacy you are most likely feeling right now. I did, but it took a long time!

  4. So is she some internet stalker? She sounds horrible. I hope you are doing alright Sey, you don't deserve this!!

  5. PS- Have you ever considered setting your blog to private?

  6. oh my! that's terrible of her. Yumi Reyes, get a life girl!

  7. Okay so this is what happened! Not a clue.... hey you okay sey?

  8. take care...hope all this is sorted out.. hope you start feeling good soon..

  9. Be extra careful sis, it's really hard to trust people specially online. Good thing you finally knew who she really is...Take care sis and we'll pray for your safety =) Hugs to you!♥

  10. I'm glad you discovered the truth! She seems very obsessed with you.

    Be careful!!!

  11. Oh dear, sounds like a rough situation. I am glad that you found out the truth!

  12. Wow!! Scary!! Thanks for sharing this lesson with us all, sorry you had to go through it. :(


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