December 7, 2010

Oh Wow!!! Vacation Grande

I know I've been such an asshole for letting that damn situation take the whole of me. After 2 months of fixing everything, I hope this time, everything will fall into place. I am so thankful despite the down times, people seems to be caring and patient with me.

So where am I on those months of hiatus? I just took time to think and ponder, re-arrange life, focus my self on what's best and regain energy and self-confidence, and the biggest thing of grande vacation. A combination of hiking, camping and swimming on the beach, all in one. 

We went hiking up to Capones Lighthouse in Capones Island:
Capones Island - the journey to Capones Lighthouse
I'm not excited, it doesn't show right???
The Capones Lighthouse
the captivating!!!
After the trek to the lighthouse, we headed to Anawangin Cove, a secluded (no electricity, which good because a bonfire will add an effect to the serenity of the place) area facing China Sea, which is the prime destination of campers. We take the route via motor boat but most campers are taking the route along the mountain of Pundakit, through hiking.
the small way on the center is the gate to the cove
inside the cove

the camping site

if the sea water would go in here, this will be suitable for kayak
this is where the river and the sea meets
the gorgeous sunset