January 31, 2011

Be Eco-Friendly: Bring Your Own Bayong/Bag

I am glad/proud I am currently residing on a city implementing the "Bring your Own Bag/Bayong in compliance with City Ordinance #10-109. 

Last year, posters and notices were spread out in the whole city to make the puclic aware that plastic bags were no longer allowed effective January 18, 2011 and the people were encouraged to bring their own shopping bags whenever they go to the market, groceries and even in the sari-sari store. 

I was amazed and I eagerly prepared my bags. There's not much effort since we alaready have some at home. but to those who don't have them, they can easily acquire one from the department stores and groceries who are offering them for reasonable prices.

And here comes the day I was waiting for. I would like to see if the general public would follow with the ordinance since this city is big and I thought authorities would find it hard to implement the law at once, but I was wrong. People are so submissive and everyone prepared for it. I went to a mini restaurant and ordered some food for lunch. The owner told me that they will wrap my food on banana leaves and will sealed it on a paper bag like:
I am glad that people are becoming aware of the effect of non-biodegradable products to our environment. If people would act together, we can stop climate change and global warming. And that is one of the reasons why I was away for a few months now besides from the stalker thing. We (our company) are promoting our Eco-Friendly products to our clients in substitute for their promotional items. We are on the process of developing new products  to meet the demands not only of our customers, but also the needs of Mother Earth.

January 25, 2011

Back to Normal but with few Restrictions

Yes, I'm back but wasn't sure if I can post more. Time is really hectic and I am like a passenger running for the last minute ride on a train. Time seems to be scarce, yet I allow it to fade like it's not that important.

I am looking forward to a bright blogging comeback. I really miss doing this thing but before I came back, I made a decision that, what I will share will be limited only to things that people should know and  leave the private thing as private and personal as possible. I will still share my adventures in life but more often not too personal. So in doing that, I created a private blog which will be my diary and another one written in our national language.

When I have plenty of time, I will create more posts of every adventure and then will schedule them so that my blogger friends will be updated on my whereabouts...haha!