February 15, 2011

The Greatest Love

When I entered the building, the security guard greeted me, "Happy Valentines Day Maam". I smiled at him but my mind is saying I am stupid. OH gosh, I forgot it's 14 today and I am wearing a red blouse. How awkward is that uh?. I just grabbed the first one I saw when I opened the closet, but who cares anyway.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this day, it just so happened that sometimes our mind is very preoccupied that we tend to forget other things that matters. If my mind would work this way until May, then I will say, I may forget my own birthday too.

"What is love?", I asked google. It gave me the definitions from simple to complex, from being the strongest feeling for human being to being the most difficult question for mankind. What?  because as what is said, defining love is near to impossible. But one thing that caught my attention is unconditional love.  Is there anyone in this world who could love us unconditionally (except God)?

For me the only person who could give us a very special love is the only person who had the guts to carry our weights inside their body for 9 months. Suffer the months of conception, the craving and the mood swings. The woman who was very happy when you opened your eyes inside your crib. The woman who drag herself to the kitchen when  she feels you need your milk even when it's midnight. The woman who will wake up everyday to go to work so she could provide her child what he/she needs. The woman waiting for your firsts: first step, first word, first smile. The woman who feels tired but will not give up because the mere fact of  seeing you makes tiredness disappear with the blink of an eye. The only person who will never give up though the world seems to collapse just because you are there. 

As what Elizabeth Stone said, "making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body". This quote is my all time favorite and whenever I read it my eyes swell in tears.

Happy Valentines to all the mothers in the world. 


  1. That quote is perfect. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. BEautiful post sister.... just beautiful...

  3. i super agree! happy hearts day to you and your mom.

  4. you made me cry..... you so so so echoed my sentiments....MOTHER is the one who deserves it all .. and post that .. it is your baby ... i wrote to my daughter telling her how we FIND love when we are born and how we FALL in love once we give birth... the two awesome form of pure love ...

  5. TB Thanks and Happy Valentines Day too.

    Ratz thanks.Is it beautiful as me? haha, just kidding!

    Janjan thanks. I'll let her now you greet her. Happy hearts day too.

    Flying High in the Sky I agree, and there could be no greatest than our mother's love. I hear you and your daughter is so blessed to have you.

  6. What a touching quote. I am going to remember it too.

  7. Florida Girl Yes, I think it enumerates our moms feelings.

  8. nice post... belated happy valentines day..

    Love is unconditional!

  9. Glad to read another take on Valentine's day. Most people have written about bf-gf and hubby-wifey matters.

    Was reading your About Me section and found out we have many things in common. You love to write, so do I (it is actually my main job heehee). You are sentimental, I am, too. You love stamps, I am a stamp collector, too (and postcard collector din). I, too, loves the stars, the moon, the sky, and bicycles! It's just nice to bump into someone in the blogging world who has the same interests as mine.

    Mabuhay at magandang araw!

  10. This is beautiful! And it's so true. I agree. Valentine's day should be for our moms.

  11. i know its late, but still... happy valentines day! Ü

  12. Midnight Driver Thanks. That's True

    Nortehanon Really? That's a great news. I love bicycles since I was a kid, and everytime I go home I always look forward to riding one. Collecting stamp is my hobby it just so sad that sending letters is no longer in today.

    Gnetch Thanks girl!

    Artiemous Happy Valentines too!

  13. True, mothers are so selfless and deserve recognition every day. HOw nice that you've thought of mothers on Valentine's Day.

  14. Dionne this is just one way of letting them know how they were appreciated, and that mothers are being loved and respected everyday!

  15. Nobody and nothing in this world can ever replace the Love of a mother. I so love this post sey, nice one and again love it! na touch akech, hihihi

    Belated Happy Vday again!

  16. ChinaDoll Coline Super touch din Akeck! hahaha! Mother's are the most amazing creatures on earth. Their love is pure and sacred.


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