February 4, 2011

For "YOU" who is Badly Broken

For someone who is experiencing heartache,
someone who's inlove but badly broken,

It's February and it's heart month. Happy Valentines everyone, however this post is not for me but for a  person who, I know is badly broken at this time. I will not mention the name for privacy purposes but I would like to express this feelings I have inside. If I could only talk to you right now. You need a crying shoulder but you're hiding the pain and that is what I'm afraid of. That kind of feeling is no stranger to me and you know that. Tell me to cross the China sea, I will. Tell me to climb Mount Everest, I will, without hesitation so you won't experience the same situation I had before. Really life is like a wheel, but with that being said, I never wished a lonely heart on you. 

But in serious thoughts, I know you can pass the challenge. With what I know, you've been through a lot and this one will be just like threading a needle, right? Difficult but possible. I barely see you but whenever I do, you seem to be in a normal state. Life is normal, life is continuous, life is easy and life is simple that's what I see in you. You never change and you never did in some ways that I knew you. You're still the same more or less.

If only my words could reach you, I will say.... please let it out asshole. Cry when it's needed, share it when it seems to be insurmountable. A problem shared will be divided so it would be easy to carry upon your shoulder. You have us so don't take it hard on you. When you thought I may not understand, that is the time I do.

Remember this:
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  1. awww.. very well said Sey. whoever that is, i wish him/her well.

  2. Amen to that. I hope your friend gets to read this Sey.

  3. hope everything turns out to be alright......

  4. Sey - what great words for a broken heart! I hope your friend opens up to you, it's hard to go through that alone. I really like the picture - it's soo soo true!

  5. Jan thanks. I wish him/her well too.

    RAtz I hope he/she would read this. I'll pray for that.

    Flying High in the Sky i'm hoping for the same. thanks

    HulaBuns That is waht i'm telling him/her. It's hard to go through a situation like that without sharing the burden. At least talk so that the load can be light. Thanks for visiting.


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