February 28, 2011

My Little Angel

Last year marks a special event not only in my life but also to that of my family. A little angel was entrusted for us to keep which bound to give an everlasting joy.  One who gives joy to an aching heart and a reason worthy enough of all the sacrifices.  I am hoping that someday this little bundle of joy will appreciate everything that was and will be given and may it all be enough to cover the missing part. An extra love from one person can cover it all.

 I hope you’ll get to read this someday, so you’ll know you’re not taken for granted but loved. Leaving home is so difficult, for it gives me and everyone the imagination that you are waving to me while crying. It’s hard because it’s breaking my heart and soul.  But going back is an excitement. It made me want to fly all the way home and cuddle you.

Dear little one, someday you will ask questions which right now we’re preparing to answer. It is in my greatest belief that you will understand because you will grow as a loving person surrounded by so much love and affection. Things will not be normal, I know. Things will be difficult, that’s for sure.  But no matter what, you still have us, especially me. You are the most perfect, most awesome and the most special person in this world, for the joy you bring is countless, endless and priceless
I have your letter here. Open it someday! I Love you!


  1. I know that your little angel is very lucky and blessed to have you and your entire family...God Bless dear!


  2. Aw. If he/she is surrounded by love then that is a blessing indeed.

  3. Your little angel needs to read this - what a sweet post!

  4. that's very touching sey. your angel is truly blessed to have you. take care :)

  5. I'm sure your little angel feels the love.

  6. This is a very sweet letter to your little angel. I hope she gets to read it some day.

  7. What a sweet Angel with the most loving mother and family in the world!! She is just as lucky as you All!!!

    Big Hug & Kiss for your angel, Sey!!! ~ Coreen xoxoxoxo


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