February 6, 2011

Oh Yeah, it's Her 18th Birthday

I noticed that there are so many birthdays coming, on the 14th, 19th, 22nd and 26th. This month will be a time for birthday message and all.

I know you guys will be on rest this weekend and so do I, but I will not go home, since my brother got home from Sudan, there's someone who will take good care of my beloved H2. He let me visit every other week, so I could also take a rest and cope with the stress and not push myself to the limit again. Thanks big brother.

And since my whole weekend will be spend entirely for (-_-)zZzZz, yep, you got it right....for sleeping, I decided to schedule one post for you guys just in case you come online and do some blogging stuffs, to keep you updated what I've been up to this past weeks.

Last January 19, 2011 was the 18th birthday of Jeanne. If my memory isn't a failure yet, I know I haven't mention her here. Well, Jeanne is one of the most special girls in my life. One of the few I guess, who really touches my heart directly to the soul which no one could ever imagine. She play a big role in my life, though people tend to misunderstood her most of the times. She was being labeled as the "pasaway" (naughty in English....hmmm if I'm right) because if she wants something, she'll definitely fight for it, till you just scream your lungs out and will say, "okay, do it as you please". I'll tell you, she's like one big shouting panda when she's angry, but let me tell you why she's so special.

It was February 2004, when I first met her at the Church during a mass for Ash Wednesday. That moment was vividly saved in my memory and will always be till the end. And so it was, we became closer and closer to each other when her brother became my boyfriend. Although they were the best of enemies (just on simple and petty things, but they really look like each other) she never took it against me and in fact, she always ran to me for advises and sorts. I served as her confidant.

Whenever they have discussions over some matters, and that monster look is going out, I simply hold her hand and shook my head and she will simply let it go, just that easy, without any arguments. I am very touch and blessed for the HIGH RESPECT this girl has for me. I never always say yes to what she wants. I argue with her if what she wants is not reasonable and I disagree with things when she's wrong. But until now, I can't imagine why she behold that respect and love for me.

Not to say much, she celebrated her 18th birthday to a resort the family rented last January 22nd with an Hawaiian inspired theme. I wasn't suppose to come, because as you all know, things are so complicated. But who am I to say NO to this wonderful girl, so I did said Yes, but with one condition,....I don't want them especially her to fight and talk about the past anymore.

I'll do a recap of the whole event on the coming posts, cause that weekend was too long that it's like a lifetime for me to finish it. For now, I'll let you see some of the photos taken during the birthday.

the preparation for the birthday...this is Jhen, the sister of the debutant. she was so busy that day, helping in preparing the venue.
the proud parents....Mama and Papa
the sisters: Jhen, Jeanne and Jaylitte. 

Jaylitte and Jeboy

I am very much speechless. I am so happy to see them dancing together (the song...I'M YOURS) , like they're the best of friends in the whole wide world, well in fact, they easily clash with each other like it's the end of the world. hahaha. they crack me up, when they're fighting.
but this is the highlight of the event. This moment made me cry a river. She thought her special friend wasn't coming so she scratch his name on the list of 18 roses. at the end he was called and he surprisingly came out. it turned out that he was just hiding all the while to surprise her. so cute. this is the - I don't care if you see me crying time. I'm touched and i just can't control my tears. I'm so happy for my bebe Jeanne.

18 Candles: It's so sad that Ate Malhou wasn't there but she somehow managed to send her greetings through a video straight from Canada. I stood up when it's my turn to speak. I was about to convey a happy message, but seeing her crying made me pause for a while. I didn't say much. I know she already knew what I wanted to say.

It's a weekend which took like a gazillion years for me. We also went swimming, but I'll update you on that one on the next post.

Happy weekend everyone and maybe by the time you're reading this.....I'm already sneezing! hahaha!


  1. I think this is the best ever birthday custom i hv ever come across. what a way to make a girl feel special. I just loved it. So so beautiful and fun. 18 dances. Awesome

    Happy Birthday Jeanne

  2. Thanks Ratz. this is indeed a special day. The memories and fun are to die for.

  3. Wow, what a great celebration. And how special that she was crying, she was really touched, I am sure.

  4. Flying High in the Sky Thanks. It's really a wonderful day to remember.

    Dionne Yes, it's really great. She was touched like she's crying and laughing at the same time.


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