March 16, 2011

7 Facts: Getting to know each other

Fate is really working its way because a sweet friend, ChinaDoll (thanks!) gave me this 7 Facts award and stylish blogger award. In lieu to that, I have to share Seven Unknown Facts about me. And in accepting this award, I have to: 

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass on the award along to 15 other worthy bloggers.

Seven Facts about me that you should know:

1. I am allergic to chicken but fried and roast  are to die for. The agreement is I should only eat chicken, once a week so the allergies won't come out or else I'll be scratching from head to toe.

2. I don't eat beans. Any kind of beans. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. 

3. I collect postage stamps and paper money/currencies from different countries.

4. I am using two towels when taking a bath and that is a must. I don't know maybe because I have low tolerance with cold weather.

5. I'm a runner (before). I used to run for my school until high school and a long jump player too but eventually I stopped.

6. I dip French Fries on gravy and mayonnaise instead of ketchup especially at McDonalds. So yummy!

7. I swore to exercise what is considered to be the noblest profession on earth. Yes, you got it right, I am a teacher (handling business subjects and economics) by profession but decided to take another route for a change. You see there are great expectations and no room for mistakes. I need a room to breathe. Hello world, were humans too. 

Instead of 15, I choose 7. Too lazy uhhh, nope! I want to know more about my new blogger friends:

1. Tina - (Florida) Girl with a New Life
2. Mayen - Clicks and Cuts
3. Mommy Raz - Welcome to my World
4. Haze - How Far is Heaven
5. Nash - My Blissful Journey
6. Dadedidodhong - Dadedidodhong
7. Al - Pasumangil 


  1. Thanks for the award, Sey. I am honored.

    PS I have been known to dip my french fries is mayo too.

  2. Florida Girl you're welcome. Dipping fries on mayo is really delicious. Yummy

  3. Congratulations on your award. I enjoyed learning some new things about you. I, too, used to teach and I collect postage stamps.

  4. George Thanks. I remember once you mentioned that you used to teach but it was the first time for me to know that you collect stamps too. Wow! It's really rewarding.

  5. thanks sey for awarding me. i'm touched.first award ever. kilig. hehe.. I'll try to post the 7 facts about me soon. I hope I can make mine as exciting as yours. lol.

  6. Mayen Congratulations Mayen. You deserve it. I am looking forward to the 7 facts about you. You can do it. I find mine an ordinary one. Guess what? this post resided on my drafts for like 2 weeks now. hahaha!

  7. 1. allergic to fried chicken? argh! are you kidding me?

    2. i dip my fries on my sundae... :)

    3. ahh! i'm willing to give up the last four years of my life just to become a teacher! aw. i wish we can change places. (well, that is, if you want to be a nurse) :)

    and you just gave me an award?! sweeeeeeet!♥

    thanks, dear!

  8. Hi ate Say. good morning,, i followed you po..
    sana po do the same..I want to get in touch 2 u..take care nd God bless ateh

  9. My nephew is allergic to chicken too! Only, he can't eat it at all, or his throat closes up and he swells up all over his body. Poor li'l kid.

    I also agree that mayo is the best condiment for french fries. ;)

  10. Weeee! Thank you Sey, I never thought that you would give me such an award. This is my first award too and I'll do my part to respond on your request.

    French Fries + Salt = CHOKS! :]

  11. thank you sooooo much!! sa award.. grabi aking kagalakan at tuwa... salamat talaga sa pag pansin mo sa akin.. gud morning sau.. mwah.. ilalagay ko yan sa haus ko..

  12. I'm glad for you!!

  13. Congrats sa award mo.. sayang.. wala ako :(

  14. thanks for the award Sey, I'm glad to know some facts about you...will post mine soon :-)

  15. Congrats!!!

    I used to be allergic to chicken too. Thankfully, I grew out of it. :)

  16. Haze 1.) nope, no kidding with the chicken. 2.)i tried that one too and it's delicious. 3.) I can give you the place of being a teacher, but don't let me be a nurse. I'm afraid of blood. I'll pass out for sure.

    You deserve it and I look forward to know you more.

    EmmanuelMateo Of course. Why not. I love your posts. Thanks for following.

    TB maybe that is the same reason why they didn't allow me to eat the whole bunch of chicken. Poor boy. I know the feeling. I agree that mayo is the best for french fries.

    dadedidodhong Awww, really? congratulations, and I look forward to knowing you better.

    Mommy-razz aww naman, paframe mo mommy. LOL! I 'll look forward to your 7 facts, Good evening po.

    Teresauras Thanks!

    Midnight Driver thanks. Oppps, sorry, tamad kasi ang lola mo. haha!

    Nash yw. great! I'll look forward to that.

    Gnetch thanks! Glad you grew out of it. Hope i'll surpass it too and if that would happen, I'll be one of the most happiest person in the world.

  17. mabrook sa award. sorry chicken maging happy ka na at least once a week meron.

  18. Diamond R Yup, so blessed. Ni-research ko yung word na mabrook. hehe. oo nga eh, at least nakakakain pa din ako. Thanks sa pagdaan.

  19. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better with your 7 facts. You should do these sorts of things more often. :-)

  20. Rachel Hey, I missed you. Don't worry, I'll do more of these. :-)

  21. congrats on the award Sey!

    hmm...i also use two towels. one's for my hair hahahha! it's a must.

  22. And I thought I'm the only one who do something different to French fries: I enjoy dipping fries sa frostee ng Wendy's or sa sundae ng jollibee or mcdo haha!

    Nice list, Sey. I'm learning new things about you.

  23. nyekk... napabulalas ako sa nabasa ko sa mga binigyan mo ng awards na ito... natawa ako talaga ako... ok... I'll try to make one tonight... got to catch some air.. at di ako makahinga... ehehhe... natuwa naman ako...

  24. Janjan thanks, and that's the purpose of the other towel, for may hair. It's too long and it got me chilling when the water runs through my body.

    Nortehanon Ms. N, I love to dip fries on Sundae too. The taste is magnificent.

    Musingan hahaha! na-shock ka ba? dahil yan sa malikhain mong pagsulat at para dun sa maganda mong banner. Awwww!

  25. Ha.. I love these & esp. knowing more about You!! Cool and interesting stuff by the way.

    I have to have ranch dressings for both my french fries And my Chicken to dip in!! :-)

    I was in track to in Jr. High and High School, and I HATE running. I only went out because my friends did. I was such a follower back then, but only with good things or way. lol

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend, Sey!!
    Coreen xoxo

  26. Velvet Over Steel Really were on track? Thanks for letting me know. I too can't do it anymore cause I easily get tired.

    Ranch dressing would be an awesome idea for chicken dip. I'll try it out :)

    I'll be sure to have a fabulous weekend. Hope you too would have a great weekend.

  27. Allergic to chicken?! That is cryin' shame!! That's a major staple in my household! ;)

    I, too, collect stamps and currency from different countries!! Sweet!! AND I dip fries in gravy... and ranch dressing!! Yummy!

    Thanks for your comments lately Sey, and have a great weekend!!

  28. Allergic to chicken?! That is cryin' shame!! That's a major staple in my household! ;)

    I, too, collect stamps and currency from different countries!! Sweet!! AND I dip fries in gravy... and ranch dressing!! Yummy!

    Thanks for your comments lately Sey, and have a great weekend!!

  29. I know a couple of people who likes to dip fries on gravy as well. I never tried it before. Is it that really 'to die for'? :)

    Anyway, good luck with the exercise thing-y! I hope I could do that as well. :d

  30. Ahaha love you chicken fact, im allergic to lobsters but i love it so for me its worth the itch and redness :P

  31. Jenni Thanks for visiting my blog. OMG, I am so happy. SO sad I am allergic to chicken but no one can stop me from eating it.

    Wow! I am happy to hear that many bloggers are collecting stamps and money from different countries. I love to share the same passion.

    Thanks again :-)

    Umi to die for of you would love the blend. Try it, you'll love it for sure.

    Flying HIgh in the Sky Thanks!

    Choi yup, it's really worth the itch. hahaha


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