March 23, 2011

Chasing Each Other

More often than not, we're chasing each other. When I needed him the most he forsaken me. He always leave me alone when I am in dire desire to have him. When I come home in the morning, he is with me only to leave in no time to abandon me again.

Likewise, it also happens vice versa. When he wanted to have me, I am busy doing something and busy with my work. Sometimes during breaks, I sneak out to meet him only to leave him again.

When he wanted me, I am not free and when I needed him he is running away from me. That happens all the time

When will our time meet?

Will our departed ways cross again?

When will we fulfill each other's longing?

When will we give our time for each other?


How I miss you so much!

I wanna be reunited

with my departed

Goodnight Sleep

Lucky are you who have the time to sleep at night. It's refreshing and far more different and way better than sleeping in the morning. Value it like the way you value your diamonds.

"Those little things we took for granted would mean so much to us in the future. We'll realize their importance only when they're gone and chances are we cannot embrace them back. Love them when we still have the chance and with this I hope you can read between the lines."


  1. wow.. what can I say to you... I remeber when I was still in callcenter... ahaha.. I always end up sleeping inside a bus while going home... no matter what we say... it's better to have a good night sleep rather than in a day... weeee... di nga,... POn pon... patapon... pata pata patapon... gud night... im sleepy... 12mdnight here already and 5am in phil...

  2. I am thankful for every single minute I spend asleep. Every time I tell The Kid that he needs to take a nap, he says, "I don't wanna take a nap, 'ecause naps are BORING". I just think to myself, *ONE day, you'll see how lucky you are, Kid*.

  3. Musingan Yup, I know the feeling dude. I always feel the same too. Good for me it's like 30 minutes ride home.

    Ha-ha, you're calling me PON-PON, sige ako na ang PONPON! Ikaw PATAPON...hahaha!

    Gudnight Al: you're right it's already 5 here, actually it's past 5. Have a good night sleep.

    TB hahaha! your kids really cracks me up. He always have amazing ideas and he's reasoning pretty well. Too smart.

  4. Oh I know exactly where you're coming from. I used to work nights when I was younger, but even then I feel the huge difference between my morning sleep to my rare night sleeps.

    I don't work nights anymore, but I have a 22-month old boy which is worse! I'm in bed but can't sleep as he is not a good sleeper - paranng torture! andyan ang bed pero di pwede matulog, huhu!

    I hope you get a good night sleep tonight...

  5. Kalokang Pinay There is really a big difference between day and night sleep. Nights are really refreshing. I love it. We have a baby at home too and I know how laborious it is to take good care of them. You have the bed and it's inviting but you can't sleep.

    Thanks and I hope you have a good night sleep too.

  6. ah i used to chase mr. goodnight sleep too because I also tried working night shift. but not anymore kaya aking-akin na sya.. hehe..

    thanks for inviting me sa fb. it's nice to see a face behind the camera. haha..I hope for once you had good DAY sleep.

  7. Mayen Gooooood Morning! hahaha, umagang kay ganda. When will Mr. goodnight sleep be mine. I miss him so much. huhuhu :-(

    You're welcome. and thanks for accepting it. The face behind the camera ay hindi kagandahan...hahahaha! Thanks and once and for all, we'll chase each other again.

  8. mahirap talaga ang maging CCA dba po..kalaban mo yung puyat at antok mo..Pray na lang na sana bgyan ka ni God ng sapat na lakas.

  9. I suffer with bouts of insomnia so I can relate to this post...however I'm sure it is much more difficult for you because you work the night shift! I hope you are able to get some is so hard sometimes, especially when your mind is racing. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. I get you sister. I get you. Nothing like a night's sleep.

  11. i got touched d most at d last part, we should show our love and care to the people we value the most cause time will come dat we have to say our sad goodbyes, for life is never constant.. magandang umaga sey..

  12. how cute is this?? very clever.
    just stumbled upon your blog and its awesome. can't wait to look around a little more:)

  13. I remember when I was in college when we used to do our thesis we really have a sleepless nights, and I don't want to expreience it now...hindi na ako sanay, I haven't worked on night shift so I really am lucky I think...that everytime I need him, he's always there for me...hahahaha

    wishing you a goodnight sleep one of these days

  14. This is very true. I invest sa kahit na anong bagay na may kinalaman sa pagtulog. From the comfort of the bed , comforters, pillow ,lamp shade and relaxing musci and so on. Pag dating sa ganitong bagay walang pweding ko montra sa akin. Kahit sa room ko lang gusto kong feel ko nasa hotel ako.

    bakit ba kong kaya mo naman room lang naman ito di buong bahay.

  15. hahaha! i thought it was something else!! thanks for droppin by my bloggy world!!

    goodnight sleep...well...i can sleep almost anytime... akoý isang MASA..

    MASAndal tulog! hahaha

  16. hehe.. wala kong masabi, gusto ko lang mag-comment :) just for you to know na i'm reading your post! take care, girl... wag na masyadong magpuyat. baka masira ang beauty.

  17. pinakagusto kong ginagawa ang magpuyat..hehe..dahil after nun ay masarap na tulog naman.
    malikot talaga si antok. hehe.

  18. ahahaha... I knew you will say that... you'll call me patapon... ehheheh....

  19. hala daw di kagandahan. anu beh? ang cute cute naman at ka-sexy. meron dung picture you're wearing an above knee skirt.. I was like.. ay gusto ko din mag ganyan mamaya.. hehe..

  20. I'd posted a comment eher... di ata nag post eh.. kainis, anyway sabi ko lang naman kanina is... I knew you would say that... ako si patapon.. eheheheh

  21. I am sooooooo addicted to sleep. I'm still sleep deprived even now that I'm working AMs. I still look forward to sleeping in on weekends. But then, I stay up late on weekends to catch up with blog friends. Life is complicated!! :P

  22. Yes there is a big difference between sleeping in the daytime and after dark at night. I've worked night jobs in my college days and it was so Hard!! Now that I'm old, I know just how much I need my sleep and what the lack of it causes me the way I think, act, live. I pray you get the needed sleep you need sweet friend!!! Hang in there!!

    Coreen xoxo

  23. emmanuelmateo tama! sobrang hirap. pag nasikatan ka na ng araw di ka na makakatulog. I'm always praying for that strength to be mine. Thank God he is giving it to me.

    Rachel Because I'm working at night I am thinking that Insomnia is hitting me too. Sometimes eventhough I don't have work, I still can't sleep. It's really hard. Thanks for always keeping me with your prayers.

    Ratz This is what I'm telling you dear. YOu should always grab that Mr goody good night sleep. Yeah!

    MOmmy-Razz Good evening po Mommy. I know maybe you're still thinking about your bunso and his studies. I hear you mommy mahirap talaga mawalay sa anak. Kaya mo yan. I'll pray for both of you.

    LCR hahaha, thanks!!! thanks for dropping by and enjoy. I'll be visiting your blog too.

    Nash I also remember those sleepless thesis nights. OMG, I just giggle when I remember those crazy days. You're lucky he's always there when you need him. Thanks for wishing me a goodnight sleep.

    Diamond R Korek, especially kapag napapagod ka sa work you need a good sleep and a relaxing and comfortable place to sleep. Hindi ako masyado nag-invest sa mga gamit pero mahal na mahal ko ang malaking unan and comforter.

    iya_khin YOu're welcome. Haha, I got you there. MASA, natawa ako dun. Thanks for making me laugh today. I love that MASA. You should be careful sa pagsandal ha.

    Haze Oh dear, it's okay. If I can get that sleep I will, don't worry. YOu too, don't worry to much and take care too.

    Akoni Malikot na mabilis pang tumakbo. Hindi ko siya mahabol palagi.sige puyat lang para mamaya tulog ka ng mahimbing.

    Musingan OO Al, ikaw na Patapon. hehehe.

    Mayen Hahaha, tell me that you wear it? I would like to see that picture of you too. Sexy? hmmm payatot yata. hahaha! Thanks Mayen. I am really having a great time knowing you. I really found a new friend.

    Musingan oo, ikaw na talaga Patapon. hahaha. peace (-_-)

    Gnetch hahaha! YOu should go back at night shift. really. You will be more productive that way. Do you want't me to talk to your boss? hahaha!

  24. Velvet Over Steel Thanks for the prayer Coreen. I really feel the same way too. When I lack sleep, I can't think better. It's like my mind isn't working properly.

    Have a great day ahead!

  25. Sleeping was my vice when I was a kid, but sleeping is a treat, now that I'm older. I want to get my goodnight sleep especially when I'm stressed out in the office.

    Hope you have that lazy day this coming weekend. ;]

  26. Miss'Chievous Wow, Yeah you're right. Sleeping is a treat for us now.

  27. I remember sleepless nights when our children were small or I was working on a big project. Fortunately most of those day are in the past and I can now enjoy a good night's sleep most nights.

  28. George Good for you! Having children at home really means sleepless nights too especially when they're too young and needs full attention.

  29. naku, ipagkait na sa kin lahat wag lang maayos na tulog! haha! feeling growing kid ako with 8 hours of sleep everyday. :))

  30. I LOVE my sleep. I don't know how I am going to be when we have kids, eek! but I am sure it's all worth it.

  31. Cute post. Hihi. :)

    Sleep. I miss sleeping! Just stumbled on your blog. Will visit here more often. :D

  32. Yes, me and sleep have had a parting of ways recently. I could use some.

  33. Hi Say,

    I am very impressed with this post. I so agree when you said night sleep is way better than sleeping in the morning.

    I've been in the GY shift for several years now but I learned to have a good sleep when I get home while my kids are in school (but the case will be different now that kids are on vacation).

    I watch TV until I fall asleep, I use soft and big pillows.

    If you're having problem sleeping, you may wanna use tea candle and lavender oil, the aroma of the lavender oil will help you relax and go to sleep. It might work for you:)

  34. Apple Growing Child nga pag ganun, at dahil jan mag-iingay ako. hahaha Joke lang

    Dionne Yes I know. It's really worth to give up some sleeping time for the lovely kiddos. Good Luck! Yay!

    Umi Thanks. I'll visit yours too. I am reading your post a while ago.

    Florida Girl Why? Is there a chance you too could be together again? Let me know. hahaha!

  35. AiDiSan I've been on GY for three years now and that is pretty exhausting sometimes. Now that your children will be home for summer, I bet you will give up few hours of sleeping for them.

    I am suing big pillows too. Thanks for the suggestion (the lavender oil) I guess I have to use oil lamp with that. I'll look for one this weekend!

  36. I have grown to love Graveyard shift (it's been 8 years already) but I do agree with you....having a goodnight sleep is really refreshing even if you only get 5 to 7 hour sleep at night as to compare it to 8 to 9 hours of sleep at daytime.

    But there are times when Mr. Sleep is really uncooperative like when you are at work busy doing your work of course he never fails to visits you but when you're home already he just leaves you and he is no where to be found...

    You may also want to try to drink a glass of warm milk before might help :) and Aidisan's suggestions are great too try to look for some oil lamp this weekend! :)

    ♥hugs and be safe♥

  37. I would much rather sleep all day and be up all night. I'm a nightowl. People do tend to make more noise during the day though, which is annoying.

  38. ChinaDoll Yay, thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely try that and the milk. I stopped drinking milk but I will buy another one this weekend too when I looked for the lamp.

    I've been inlove with graveyard shift but I would like to try another morning shift though.

  39. Christopher that is the saddest part and one reason why I can't sleep in the morning, the noise and I agree that it's really annoying.

    I am becoming nightowl too.

  40. Hey girl, how is the goal to get some sleep coming along? I thought of you because I am having a 4 day bout with insomnia. It sucks! I hope you have been able to rest.

  41. Rachel I am trying to drink tea hoping it would help me. It really hurts not to get enough sleep when you needed it. Hope you get the sleep you needed dear. I'll pray for that.

  42. Tea helps! Have you ever tried Chamomile? It is supposed to have a relaxing does help.
    Thank you for your prayers, I will keep you in mine as well! :-)

  43. Rachel Never tried it. I found one tea in the grocery last time. Next time I'll try Chamomile. Thanks for the suggestions and for continually praying for me.


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