March 5, 2011

My Brain is a Mess

This week I was in monumental mess. My brain is littered with so many things which are not helpful and ones that I should forget and not given any pint of attention. Like for example:

The hard drive that was destroyed by a virus months ago. It contains all my old and new pictures. I am not storing data on the memory of my camera and cellphone because they tend to perform slowly when huge files are saved, so after taking pictures, I immediately transfer them, but to my dismay, those old treasures are gone forever. Damn virus- thanks to you, all my pictures taken last year were all gone. It's like goodbye 2010. Booo!!!

Next. Mistakes. No room for mistakes. It's work and everything should be near to perfection if not perfect. At least that's my thought. But this week is a dilemma for me. What's the problem? I can't focus. I was kinda shy and helpless for all the mistakes I committed. 

Sleep. Apparently, Mr. Sleep is not my bestfriend. He seems to hate me. We're always playing hide and seek.

The shampoo which I think is not doing any good to my hair and the  insane weather that is changing abnormally from time to time. My aching hips. 

And the naughty excuses my officemate is thinking when having absences:
1. Can I take a leave today? I have a heartache problem.
2. I'll be absent  today because I had a fight with my boyfriend/girlfriend
3. I'll not be in the office today. I'll do some soul searching.
4. Don't expect me in the office today. I will find time for myself.

She made sense right? 


  1. argh..that'sa lot to take girl. anyway, thanks for visiting my site, ping me again if you want to exchange links okay? i got 3 sites i'd like to add you into :)

    happy blogging!

  2. sometimes ganyan din po ako... ay madalas pala...

  3. hahaha! soul searching. i kinda like that excuse. i might be able to use it sometime.

  4. Sleep and I have had our issues lately too...I can TOTALLY relate! Hope things improve for you Sey.

  5. if you have time nga po pala... kindly visit my blog... and just try to watch my 2nd video blog... it will make your day cool...

  6. Hmn, could it be a case of burn out? What I do when that happens, I redirect muna my attention to some other things, those that make me happy in simple ways ;)

  7. My excuses for calling into work always suck because I only think of them at the last minute and they are never really for any good reason.


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