March 11, 2011

The Two Sides of Our Stories

Two of your friends had a great deal of misunderstanding. Friend number 1 is known to be clever and naughty while friend number 2 is conservative and silent. Whom will you take side with? Who will you believe, when each of them had their own version of the story? Would you believe the witness who sworn they saw what had happened? Or to make the situation lighter, let's say your friend had a fight with a stranger. I know most of us including me will eagerly defend our comrade without any questions. Would you believe your friend? I bet that's a YES!

What do you see?
an old woman?
an elegant lady?

Like this optical illusion, every event/situation were foretold with different version. We as human beings were bound to take sides as to what we knew was right and who we taught is holy or good. But did it ever came to you that somehow when we make judgement we sometimes mistakenly go on the wrong position because we only believe on what our bare eyes could see plus our hearts dictates that we should side here or there out of love.

I just realized no matter how long you knew someone, everyone is capable of telling fallacies. Do you know when court verdicts were served properly or justice was denied to the innocent? Would friends defy friends? NO. Will family sacrifice their clans' moral? of Course Not! That is what I'm taking about. 

Like everyone else, I am also prone to making false judgment. What I am trying to point is let us not indulge with our self-belief and drown ourselves to impurities when there is way to make things right. 

What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. No excuses! Evaluate the 2 sides of the story and never judge outright. Cause people we are, were bound to mistakes and only HIM up there knows what truly happened. 


  1. very well written...
    this is so true. we do not have the right to judge someone specially if we do not know the real story... and even if we did, judging isn't the right option...

    thanks for sharing this, dove. you are amazing!♥

  2. I agree with you, most of us only hear 1 side of the story and yet we have come up with our judgement.

    Have a blessed day ahead :-)

    thanks for following my 2nd blog.

  3. I see both elegant woman and old lady. I saw the elegant woman first. I've seen this picture before, so i kind of know that i should look for the old woman. hehe..

    anyway about your post, Your right that we have to evaluate the two sides of the story before we make judgement. If the argument is between two of my friends, I try not to take sides as much as i can. Still,I am only human and there are moments that i think i made the wrong choice. Then I realized that I really don't have to make a choice, there is a way to remain friends to both of them even if they are no longer in talking terms.

    this is really nice sey. I was amazed as always. Have you seen my latest post yet? I featured you! hehe..

  4. Hi Sey,

    I normally take sides on the person telling the story/ies especially if he/she happens to be my friend...BUT, I still try to analyze things and try my best to get the side of the other party, sometimes it best not to judge at all but that will very very difficult.

    By the way, I super like your's Gorgeous!

  5. It is always best to try and look at a situation objectively, but it is rarely what we do. As you say, we are more apt to believe the ones we love than strangers, and it's hard to swallow the fact that our friends and loved ones may be wrong.

    This is a good reminder to keep an open mind. :)

  6. Is something happened Sey! Hope you are alright, and yes, right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what!

  7. Oh you have no idea how much I can relate to this. Thus, I agree.

  8. Haze I think people are good in judging which is not the right option but still they opt to do it.

    You too are amazing dove!

    Nash :-) that's is exactly my point and i am no exception. I want to turn my back on it and be objective as possible.

    Have a blessed day too! and You're welcome.

    Mayen Hahaha! Maduga. Eventhough it's kinda hard to be torn between two friends that is the best way to deal with it.

    Yup I saw your post and my heart swell. the smile is still painted in my lips. Thanks a lot.

    AiDiSan Yes, I know that is very difficult especially when we didn't witnessed what really happened. Good at least you analyzed it.

    Thanks for the compliment on my header :) *wink*

    TB taking our friends' side is difficult and more difficult if the ones involved were family members. It's some kinda hard not to take side.

    Ratz Nothing happened dear. It just strike to me that I should write something about it. Look what reading done to me. Hahaha!

    Gnetch I sort of got it? hahaha! I know girl.

  9. wow... nice.. very well wrtten... How I wish I could write a good story like you do...

  10. Musingan Thanks for the compliment. You can do it, but what is important is you write from the heart.

  11. naks... parang Straight from the heart ni Brian Adams..? eheheheh...

    sanang magdilang Anhel ka...


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