April 6, 2011

The Cosmopolitan Chick is going home

First and foremost, I am not a chick (if  your definition of chick is sexy and head turner - just saying). I just can't think of a better title, so there you go.

I am enjoying my life in the city but lately my feet are itching to go home so I filed for a vacation leave and guess what....................drum rolls.........................IT WAS APPROVED!

this is home, the hot air balloons,
the giant lanterns every Christmas,
and the air bases.

This wasn't a pure vacation because the real intent of this leave is for me to rest and free my mind of the stress we endure everyday in the office. Don't get me wrong. I love my job and the work is really easy if you love what you're doing but everyone deserves a break and this is my time to shine.

There goes with this escapade leave is a long list of things to do:

1.  Bonding time with my family
2. To catch up with some old goody antique friends (yes antique, cause were friends since      
3.  Visit the old place where we used to live and see how it goes now.
4.  Witness my niece breathtaking graduation ceremony (yup, I'll post about it later).
5.  Do some hiking.
6.  Jog around the park
7.  More practice on riding the motorcycle.
8.  Relax and Rest
9.  Finished the first phase of making a webpage ( i'm serious folks, so help me God. I was 
      kinda dreaming about tags, html, syntax and everything).
10.Be back in time for the fun run.
11. and so on and so forth, etc.......

I have to prepare my self for a longer list of escapades and work  when I come back.  You see it's just a month now and it will be my birthday and I am hoping to do more things so that I could accept that another year will be added to my number and my number is aging for a good reason with right purpose and with substance.

I'll try to visit and read your posts but I won't make any promises. I'll catch up with you as soon as I'm back to civilization but I scheduled one question post for you guys. 

Till then, Ciao for now.


  1. ah lucky you! i'll give anything to be with my family right now!

  2. Niiiicccceeee...

    scary yung riding motorcycle..hehe..gumagawa din ako ng listahan kapag magbabakasyon na ako at sa huli hindi ko nasusunod..haha..have fun my friend! ingat!!

  3. Have a lovely & relaxing vacation =) We'll be reading about it when you get back xxx

  4. Sounds like you have a lot of fun lined up. Enjoy yourself!

  5. aw! have a happy vacation, darling! we'll be waiting for your updates :))

  6. wow vacation! i'm so happy for you sey. Having sometime away from your daily routine is refreshing. be careful on the motorcycle though and Congratulations to your niece.I'm sure you'll have a great time with your family!

    good luck on finishing a web page! we will wait for you here. Have fun sey!!!

  7. have a fun and safe vacation! i'll be going home too for the holy week.

  8. Although you have a very long to-do list, I hope you enjoy vacation.

  9. enjoy your life.... yes.. every body needs a break.. even in loving somebody.... you need to find a place where in you can release all the stress and pressures in your life... sad to say... I still have 1 year to go before I can do that... ahhhh.... I am so so so.. tired... ehehhehe....

  10. wow! ang sarap siguro sumakay sa air balloons.. hehe!

    have fun!

  11. I'm so inggit! I want to have a long vacation leave too! I guess I just have to wait for holy week.

  12. That's great, Sey. I wish my VL will be approved, too. I already have a ticket, so it must be approved. Hope you have fun. :)

  13. how i wish i can do the same at this very moment.....

  14. wow..hot air ballons..sana maka watch ako ng live.hehe
    antique ba tawag dun sa elem.frends/hehe

    morning po

  15. That sounds wonderful. Good for you for taking a break.

  16. indeed, we all deserve a relaxing vacay! =)

  17. enjoy your vacation Sey...all of us deserves a break from work...hahaha sana one wk ang bakasyon sa holy week...wahahaha asa pa ako :-)

    anyway, gudluck sa pggawa ng webpage, remember I am also trying to learn, huhuhu its hard...nkaka nose bleed...hahaha pero kaya natin to Ajah!!

    Ingat Sey!

  18. Kitkat I know the feeling dear.

    Akoni thanks. Sa awa ng diyos hindi ko din nasunod ang listahan. come what may ang nangyari.

    kalokang Pinay thanks. I'm back and safe and will blog about it later.

    TB thanks. I ended up not following the list. things came in random but I had a great time.

    haze thanks dove. See I acquire that word from you. hahahaha. I'll give some updates soon.

  19. Mayen I didn't get any further with the webpage. I'm trying to find time for it but all in all, I had a great time.

    Janjan now I'm jelous. I would like to have another vacation for the holy week too however, we have work so I need to stay here. booooo.

    George yes, indeed. Never followed that list. things came in random.

    Midnight Driver thanks. It's been a long while since you blogged. I miss your posts.

    Musingan I went to the river and let all the stress be taken away. thrown some stones to let the emotions out and there I found peace. yahoooo.

    Take Care Al, you really need a break and hope you could still hang on and look forward to that happy and fun filled vacation.

  20. Mommy-Razz never tried that mommy but I guess so. sana makasakay din ako.

    ChinaDoll We don't have vacation for the holy week. If that would happen, I'll be much happy.

    Miss Chievous Let's cross our fingers. Where are you doing for your holy week vacation. Tell us more when you get back then. take care and have fun.

    Iya_khin you can do it when you have your vacation. I can't imagine how hard it is to be there.

  21. EmmanuelMateo I just called them antique, cause were old friends like aged. when you have your vacation here, let's go and ride the hot air balloons.

    Florida Girl Yes, It did well for me.

    Gnetch Thanks.! And I am certanly looking forward to our Cebu trip.

    Apple you bet!!!!

    Nash Sana nga pero kami walang bakasyon. kainis. work..work...work...!

    I'm not yet that far with the webpage. We can do it. Aja.!!!


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