March 31, 2011

Don't Lend me Your Shoes

Thank yo so much everyone for your kind comments with my previous posts. I just need a place to vent my emotions.

But hey have you ever felt any of the situations below?

1. that people around you aren't sincere with the words they're saying or With the emotions they want to convey? 
2. That co-workers are hitting you behind your back, pointing you the bullet straight to your head?
3. That people are talking about you secretly?
4. That you are a subject of gossip or rumors?
5. That people around aren't true and sincere?

And because of those thoughts, you're afraid to trust anyone? If that's the case then you might have Pistanthrophobia - Fear of trusting someone.

Why do people live with Pistanthrophobia? People suffer with this kind of phobia if they've been hurt and betrayed by the people they trust so much be that a family, friend, co-workers, or a partner. 

To some people this may be a bit over-reacting but have you ever tried putting yourself on the same situation? Like  your loved ones betraying you and your trust? You can easily conclude or judge people with this kind of problem as paranoid but I beg to disagree. 

"Been there and done that".... I know it's not easy to feel that way. However being subject to that kind of situation made me a quite sensitive person thinking that people have their own battles in life so who am I to judge them.

There's no need to lend me your shoes, I can feel yah, even if we're not wearing the same shoes.

Will you wait for that shoes to be yours to feel what they feel?


  1. hay na feel ko na lahat yan te.. and its really frustrating. i had an experience once, and really, i almost resigned on that job, ang hirap kasi, everyday seems like a burden..

  2. I think we can all relate to these feelings.

    Here is some advice someone once gave me. "Whatever anybody else thinks of none of your business."

  3. I feel like that all the time, but I usually catch myself thinking that way and then stop it before I start dwelling on it. It's hard, though!

    p.s. Those are some cute shoes!

  4. Kringles you go it right! I felt that feeling too and it's exhausting.

    Florida Girl That's a great advice. Thanks for sharing it to us. Now I'll always think of that one.

    TB yeah it's hard but I am trying to control myself all the time.

    I picked that in random. Glad you like them :-)

  5. hmmm..hindi ata ako normal sey, kasi hindi ko na-felt ang mga yan, promise. hehe..madali kasi akong magtiwala, siguro kaya ganun.

  6. i dnt hv a hard time trusting people. i think that's my fatal flaw lol

  7. I felt that also ate.
    tsaka Pistanthrophobia pala yun.salamats!!

    thank u din sa comments mo teh.

  8. may gnon talaga, hindi maiiwasan yan u can't please everybody..

  9. it's really hard to judge people suffering on that kind of phobia...mahirap tlga kapag tiwala ang nasira...

    ganda ng mga shoes :-)

  10. I’ve been there sey and it is really frustrating. I even get to a point when I cannot sleep because of it. But in the end, I resolved to the thought that I am a good person and once they get to know me better, they will like me. At least this is true for me. I also confront people if I can’t take it anymore. Usually it works. Our relationship improves after that.
    I think at some point, we all experienced that.
    Have a great day sey? May umaaway ba sayo? Gusto mo awayin din natin? hehe..

  11. ♡♡

  12. i know that feeling, and i hate feeling it :)
    and sometimes, i hate myself for still trusting... even though i know i will get hurt again. oh well.

  13. Akoni Normal ka Akoni, ako yata ang abnormal, hehe! Ako din madali magtiwala at magpatawad dati kaya yata natakot ako ng sobra ngayon.

    Kitkat hmmmmm...that's my fatal flaw before I guess. With that I tried to be more careful.

    EmmanuelMateo You're welcome. Thanks for always visiting here too. Hehe! I consulted google for the term. Sana ma-overcome na natin to.

    Mommy-RAzz oo nga po Mommy ganun siguro talaga kaso.

    Nash Sinabi mo pa. Kapag pala paulit-ulit na nasira ng tiwala mahirap ng ibalik tapos pati tiwala sa iba apektado.

    Mayen wala namang nang-aaway sakin! Bugbugin ko sila (jokes). Yun lang kasi kapag nasira na ang tiwala mahirap ng ibalik at minsan din ang hirap magtiwala sa iba.

    I also do confront people. For me the best wat to solve the problem is to talk about it. I want to heard it from th person involved why did they do such things and then everything will be okay eventually. It's hard to rely on heresay kasi.

    I'm getting well and back to work now. have a great weekend!

    Haze That is the feeling that I am trying to overcome. I hate feeling the same way too. It's hard and it's frustrating.

  14. Hi Sey,

    I guess we all have Pistanthrophobia,especially nowadays, it's hard to trust someone even at the simplest things. We can't help but get paranoid sometimes for feeling that people maybe talking behind us, I guess this is a paranoia that's normal.

  15. Hi Aey... so sorry for the late comment.. kahaopon ko pa gusto magcomment... kaso ayaw talaga ako makacomment... parang error on frame ang lumalabas eh... mahina kasi net namin now...

    anyway. yes... I felt that before..

    1. that people around you aren't sincere with the words they're saying or With the emotions they want to convey?

    I was working in callcenter... bago pa lang.. kunwarin ang bait lahat.. kaso ako pala ang pinagtatawanan kapag nakatalikod ako... kaninis.

    2. That co-workers are hitting you behind your back, pointing you the bullet straight to your head?

    yun na nga... kakasabi ko lang... mabait kapag kaharap ka... hmmmp...

    3. That people are talking about you secretly?

    at sila na ang magaling... ikaw ang hindi... kainis ang taong ganyan...

    4. That you are a subject of gossip rumors?

    gagawan ka ng storya.. ano yun? rumors na hindi totoo...

    5. That people around aren't true and sincere?

    kunwari ang bait bait.. pagkaharap mo sila... pero kapag nakatalikod ka... huwatttt

  16. i have experienced both part of it .. .i really have some very very very true people around me but i also know that there are some people who are plain fake with me ... it hurt me a lot when the realisation came .. but now i am strong and i give more of myself to the honest ones... i used to take them for granted :(

  17. I do get that feeling sometimes. I think it's part of my PMS. I'm kinda sensitive and paranoid when I'm PMS-ing. It's hard to overcome.

  18. AiDiSan Hi AiDi, yes it's really hard to trust anyone even with the simple matters.

    Musingan Al sino naman si "Aey"? (joke lang) walang sorry, sorry (joke ulit) okay lang yun ano ka ba. Para kang toinks. Mahirap talaga mag-comment pag mahina ang net. Madalas din yan mangyari sakin.

    Sinabi mo pa. marami talagang kalokohan sa mga call centers noh? Buti na lang kami hindi kami typical callcenter. Gabi kami nagwo-work kasi client namin American companies kaya ayun gabi kami.

    Marami din taong ganyan na pag nagsalita parang sila lang ang tama. Kaya minsan mahirap magbigay din ng comment. Dapat laging fair.

    Hahaha! Sorry naman hindi ko nalagyan ng "OR" in between rumors and gossip.

    Flying High in the sky I ma glad that you are stronger now. Time really makes every one tougher and if you've been on a tough situation that would be fine in the end for you will be stronger than before, stronger than ever.

    Despite the fact that there are malicious people around it's also true that there are kind and true people whom we can trust.

  19. Gnetch Really? When I have PMS I am not in the mood, but this I want to overcome this feeling asap. You're still awake?

  20. late comment na ito Sey,

    1) Normally ang Pag may sinabi sayo ang tao ang sadya ay dapat pasayahin ka lang. wla ng iba. kUng sumobra man or OA hayaan mo na lang. Ibang usapan na kong insensitive na ang mga sinasabi ng tao. Iwasan mo na ang mga yan.Libre lang magsabi ng maganda dahil punong puno ng kagandahan ang kahit na sino di ka mauubusan.

    2.Hitting you behind back- Vexations to the spirit na sila kaya pagkaiwasan ang mga taong ito.Senyales na ito na masamang impluwensa sila sa buhay mo.
    3malaki ang insecurity ng mga taong ito sayo kaya ganon.Relative sila ni No.2
    4.Tao ka lang at puno ng buhay kaya sikat.ang gumagawa lang nito ay ang mga anak ni no. 2 at no. 3 saan pa sila magmamana.
    5 kakambal ni no 1.

    suma total you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God kaya maraming gustong mangulo sa buhay mo. Manatili ka lang sa kung ano ang tama at ipanalangin na lang ang ibang mamuhay ng tahimik at mapayapa.

  21. Diamond R Thanks po. Kahit late okay lang. I learned a lot from your comment. I know I have to stay away from those kind of people. Hindi ako banal pero gusto kong magsikap na mabuhay ng tama at ayon sa tama.


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