April 2, 2011

Question: Sweet Moments

They say that newly married couples can't stop holding hands because of love. But after some years of marriage the only time they touch each other's hand is when they use it for self-defense!

After some years, they say that when you see a man opening the car door for the woman, there are two possibilities. 

The question: What are the two possibilities?

(Note: This is a story I read from the book  "Just a Moment" written by Father Jerry Orbos.)


  1. it's either he like the woman and that he's showing off


    he's just being the gentleman that he is :)

    haha.. ok that's a silly guess. now what's the answer, Sey?

  2. haze hahaha, thanks for the answers, let's wait for the others. I'm getting more excited with other answers. Yay!!!

  3. I don't know. I can't think of anything. forgive me I just woke up. My mind is still starting up and it may take hours to finish. lol

    I refuse to think that after several years of being married to jed, we will not hold hands because of love. I really hope we will never get there and if we do i hope we can find a way to make ourselves love each other again. email me the answer, I'll kill you if you don't. haha..

    I haven't seen your book collection until today.The books you have look awesome. I might get one for myself. Thanks for leading me there. have great day sey!I hope your no longer sick. :)

  4. inlove siya ulit sa asawa niya.. haha! pangalawa, baka may kabit na siya tapos hindi nagpapahalata, HMP..:P

  5. Mayen It's okay, I'm afraid of the death threat, look in your inbox....I so Love you like that, hahaha!!...

    Don't worry too much, It's a case to case basis. I know yours and Jed's love has the right foundation and Don't forget to put God in the center of your relationship.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Mommy-Razz bwahahahaha, napasaya mo ang araw ko Mommy! ang chulit chulit ng answers mo!

  7. P.S. Mayen You should try some of those books. I got them for a very affordable price, actually cheap from Booksale, or when there's a sale at National Bookstore. The inspirational books are from PCBS and St. Pauls. Bookstore.

  8. lol maybe he wants her to forgive him for sumn bad he's done, or maybe he wants to play the whole gentleman role jst to convince himself he hasnt forgotten hw to be a gentleman :p

  9. 1)gawain talaga ng isang lalaki ang pagbuksan ng pintuan ang babae (meron pa ring mga ganyan).
    2)Kung di naman niya ito gawain.May nag suggest or nagturo sa kanyang mag pakalalaki naman siya sa asawa niya kahit minsan lang.

  10. I think nagpapaimpress ang lalake kasi may kasalanan siguro...

    pwede din na narealized niyang mahal na mahal siya ng babae kaya sinusuklian lang niya ito...

    by the way... yes... holding hands together ang magasawa... Uu totoo yan... pero after sometimes... mawawala rin yan...

  11. hehehe..i have no idea...papunta palang ako..haha

    pero sige na nga...

    Una, parang ung kay mama, baka kabit niya yun, hahahaha.

    pangalawa, pakitang tao o nagmamayabang lang ang kupal..hahahaha

  12. I'm guessing that (1) because the love is still there; or (2) the woman can no longer open the car door for herself. Like she's sick or something...?

    But that's just a guess. :p

  13. Hi there!

    Ganun naman kapag bago diba? Tipong can't get enough of each other. Yun yung masasayang moments talaga. Sabay babagsak sa realidad. Ayun, medyo mawawala yung sweetness.

    Two guesses:
    1. Promises of a great "sexy time" night OR they had a great "sexy time" the previous night.
    2. Some kind of emergency: Going into labor OR she acquired some sort of disability.

    I wish I could guess more. Haha!

  14. guys, thank you for making me happy today. I was literally LOL about your guesses and to tell you honestly I had the same answers too. I'll reveal the answers on the next post. I have a lot to say but words aren't mine today. Keep blogging and hope you had a great weekend

  15. uhmmm, I'll just wait for the next post, hehe (daya?)

    Papa Erick never really opened the door for me? Should I start demanding? lol

    We've never been the touchy feelly PDA kind of a couple, but thank goodness I could say that we're still the same with each other. May sweetness kami sa isa't isa but not too much (i reserve my love for sweets for food lang, hehehe). Baka pagbigla syang naging super sweet ngayon e magduda ako! hahaha =)

    How are you na.....?

  16. binalikan ko ito kasi parang na naintriga ako kasagutan mo sey.

  17. Kalokang Pinay I really wanted to reveal the answer now. but be rest assured that your husband is still the same

    Diamond R haist, hahahaha! sige reveal ko sa next post I promise.

  18. Ohh, I was thinking, it was written by a man of God. So the answer might be religious!

    As for your comment in my blog, you will have a hard time getting to the place where we went to. I can only tell the directions! It is a nice place for trekking. Sobrang ma-chachallenge kayo. I am a pretty good climber pero mga thrice nako muntik mahulog sa bangin. Tapos sobrang nakakatakot yung mga hantik, yung mga malalaking langgam. Mas nakakatakot yun kesa mahulog. Haha!

    Walang places to stay for the night around the place. As in parang tinago lang talaga yung lugar! There are huts around the place pero for eating lang yon!

  19. HalfCrazy thanks for letting me know. I am thinking if tent pinching would be okay with them and the handlers of the place. yes the story was written by a man of God. but you will be shocked with the answers....

  20. either the woman is too lazy or the man is so afraid of her wahahhaha!!! seriously, it only means one thing.. he's a total gentleman.

  21. Janjan yeah, you have a point. Even a man who is so inlove don't do this sometimes. A man who's still doing this is a total gentleman.

  22. I love when I see an old couple walking by, hand in hand.

    For the record, my hubs still opens the car door for me when we are out on dates. For grocery trips, I give him a pass.

  23. Florida Girl I love seeing couples holding hands too.

    Your hubby is so sweet!


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