May 28, 2011

Ready to Go

 Our bags are packed we're ready to go.
As we bid goodbye to summer's rays of sunshine, 
we welcome the rainy season by waging war against typhoon Chedeng!

I will pass this way but once if there's any good that I can do
Let me do it now for I'll never pass this way again
I will see this day but once if there's any kindness I can show
Let me show it now for I'll never see this day again
Tomorrow may be too late my friend to do all the good that you planned
So reach out to those who need you and lend them a helping hand
I will know this world but once if there's any love that I can give
Let me give it now oh Lord please show me how
For I'll never know this world I'll never see this day
I'll never pass this way again 
       -Glen Campbell

May 25, 2011

The kind of rain I am not Pleased with

There’s a typhoon.  Don’t have an idea if it’s about to hit the country or if it’s already here. The weather cracks. I can see the sun shining in the morning but the sky is dim in the afternoon. Right now the weather is a bit cold but there is no rain.

Yesterday it rained so hard in the evening. It compelled me to leave early so I have spare time just in case there’s turmoil in the street. By turmoil I mean flood and traffic. I left two hours before my call time and I reached the office 5 minutes before the said time when a regular trip would only take me 30 minutes from home to the office.

That same yesterday is the longest commuting hours of my life. I was stuck in the middle of the flooded street. It seems like the ocean had taken its leap to the city.  My hooded jacket was wet and I felt so cold but more than that, I am worried about the mother who’s sitting beside me on the passenger’s jeep. She’s very worried that their house, at that moment might have been soaked in water.

I do wish for rain but not the kind of rain that will take lives and properties.  Unity and camaraderie were tested and proven during disasters but I might as well want to witness it even when we’re at ease.

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day

May 20, 2011

This is why I Choose to Speak

Have you seen children on the street hunting for food from morning till dawn? The kind of innocent faces who will block your way when your hands have something that can fill their aching stomachs. Have you ever seen little angels walking around the busy streets at night looking for a safe haven to settle and let the darkness pass? Yes, I do. I always do. And these children always made me go to work empty handed. What can I do, I’d rather let them have my food than see them roaming around hunting for a not so decent place to lay down while their parents are nowhere to be found.

While we're all sitting comfortably in front of our computers, innocent lives who's existence on earth was not of their choice are in great danger of sickness, rushing vehicles and famine out there.

Responsible parenthood and birth spacing is one of the hottest issue in the country today. The headlines in newspapers and the topic of the news every day. The government had seen that passing the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill is one of the solutions to lessen not only the percentage of street children and to alleviate poverty but also to to ensure that each child will not be deprived of his basic needs (food, shelter and clothing) and be given the chance to rightful education till he can support him/herself.

My curiosity on this topic leads me to reading the whole content of the said bill, and visit forums which are in much debate of the topic. The debate of the pros and anti RH Bill leads people on the rally streets and on the House of Representatives.

I have my opinion and my excuses to readers who may have different perspective as mine. If what I read was right, I don’t have reasons to say no to RH Bill. For me it will just serve as a guide on how to become responsible parents and to use birth control alternatives of your choice except abortion ( I’m against it too)  but no one will hinder you for having the children you want for your own.

You can have 3, 4, 5 or 10 children and more than that if you want. But make sure you can provide them with clothes for them to wear, roof to protect them from sunshine and rain, food to feed their stomach, and ample time to show them love and affection…….if not, then  try to reconsider. 

May 19, 2011

He made my Heart skip a beat

It's raining outside and I was wondering earlier who among you who were under the same sky as me remembered how I love it, or else it didn't rain in your place. But this rain was different, not the kind of one I was waiting for, because it wasn't rainy season yet.  It real one is yet to come.

Meanwhile in the midst of my busy life, I was able to finished just 10 episodes of "Nikita". A story of a secret organization known as Division who are recruiting people with dark backgrounds and erases their traces from the past and molds them to become spies and assassins. 

And won't your heart skip a beat to a man in suit like him? 

I admire how Nikita and Michael chase each other but given the chance doesn't have the guts to kill each other as well. And this isn't all about killing but how someone fights for the lost of their loved ones.

May 17, 2011

Silly Random Things

Just a bit recap on how my weekend was.  Last Saturday I went home with a flash drive and DVD's. Saved in the flash drive are my reports needed to be done. That may not sound appealing, but to me it was because I want to have a busy mind though I don't want it to affect my blogging time but it did otherwise.  Without further ado, here's how it goes:

1. I came home and slept for a while. I told my roommate to woke me up at night because I have something to do. I rise from bed at around 7 in the evening and hit my way to the computer. I hate workbooks sometimes. They make me busy but they make me dizzy too! Errr! 

I didn't finished the report cause I felt a little bit deprived of sleep and so I hit the bed again. I woke up in the morning heading back to the computer...again????, yes again (with games in between).

2. Sunday. I was about to attend a morning mass, I like it that way because majority of the people who will attend the mass are adults I mean oldies. I think they take the mass seriously. But wasn't able to go because I got dizzy (because of my report). I decided I would attend the last mass where only few people will attend. It was a success, I seated on the front row. The mass is going on smoothly until a couple seated beside me. They're arguing of something and they're murmuring, I can't concentrate when  they're buzzing like bees. I was so pissed but then again I manage to control my emotion until they noticed that they're distracting us. Thank God.

3. When I got home, I hit the computer again but since I was good in multi-tasking (self-proclaimed), I  finished watching 20 episodes of "Nikita".  This is the kind of entertainment I like. One of my favorites. 

And I have a new crush! What??? 

May 14, 2011

Why I Love it when it Rains

I was sitting on my desk feeling cold. I'm chilling and I had a feeling it's raining outside. I slipped through the window blinds but I was disappointed to see the sunshine. It's weekend and I want raindrops tapping my rooftop.

It's a sudden realization. I don't hate cold weather. I may have low tolerance with cold but I am looking forward to the rainy season. I love raindrops, I love it's smell and the cold breeze of the air. I want to stay tucked in bed watching movies and surfing the net while sipping brewed coffee or a tea maybe.

Afterwards, when I got bored, I'll go out to take a walk under the pouring raindrops with my umbrella in tow. The wind is swaying and I love the feeling of the air kissing my cheeks. When the rain gets heavy and  my umbrella could no longer protect me from getting wet, I'll fold it and enjoy the rain's enormous bliss.

It's the coldness of the air conditioned room that sucks me with cooling death, but a part of my heart's felicity  lies from the truth that summer is coming to an end and raindrops will soon abound my doorsteps

"Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain,
But you cannot make a rainbow 
without a little rain"

May 11, 2011

Who's Blind?

I miss reading your posts. I miss back-reading and I miss the blogosphere. It's like a gazillion years for me well in fact it's just a day or two since my last visit. I managed to sneak a bit however that bit of time isn't enough to connect.

I am buried on tons of reports now (please bear with me). The deadline is punching me right through my face but my mind is overwhelmed with my intense desire to write. 

I also have one newbie to train. A newbie which will soon be part of our junior team. She has so much to learn but the process in becoming a part of the team will teach her the things she has to learn. 

We also had some out of the topic conversation. Right now she's in a not so normal, not so legal, not so right relationship (okay, an illicit relationship-so to say) . The kind of relationship I'm not in favor with because there's one person who's being stepped on without her knowledge, that such situation is happening. (why not go out of the relationship first before engaging to another one? am I right?).

I asked her: Why she choose a complicated situation? 

She said : I don't know, (she's speechless). Maybe because LOVE IS BLIND....

I told her:

"Love is not Blind
Lovers are not Blind

May 7, 2011

Thank You, I am Sorry, I Love You

for the unconditional love. For I am naughty but still you love me
for the support. I am not worthy but still you lend your hand to me
for the understanding. I commit mistakes but still you open your heart to me
for letting me live. I am a pain but still you chose to carry me.

for sleepless nights. you have to wait because I came home late.
for the tears you shed because of me, I was such a lousy.
for the heartaches I’d caused you, I broke your heart in two.
for the bad words I uttered, I didn’t mean them.

for who and what you are
no words can express how deep is the feeling
words are not enough
and there are no reasons why

I owe you a lot.  Everything we’ve shared and memories we've  made will be cherished forever . I know I am nothing compared to you but in you I found a great inspiration.

--A special tribute to all the mothers in the world. Happy Mother's Day, and to you I give my highest respect.

May 5, 2011

From the Bottom of My heart

2_ years ago, on this same day,  my mother risked her life to bring one child to existence and that child is no other than me. 

I was sitting quietly on my station, reading posts with no intentions of posting anything. I am always lost for words on a special day like this. But this awesome man made may day. He declared a holiday at Once Acre of Diamond county and today, Once Acre of Diamond will be 14th Street. Not to mention the wonderful combination of the banners. 

"A happy Heart deserves a Happy Treat"

and from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you very much, You made my day!!!

May 4, 2011


I received two messages on my inbox today. Both from the same person.  One was sent with a surname and the other one with just a name. I can tell right there and then that there's something fishy. I emailed her asap, and I am glad that she's already aware of what had happened and made a post on her blog to warn/inform her bloggy friends. 

You can view the message from the screenshot below.

It was stated that she made a trip to other countries, had her bag stolen and asked for financial help. This kind of spam/scam has been widely used and maybe everyone's aware of it. However to be sure, you can check the details of the message. It's quite easy to trace a message from spammers rather than from people who hide on fictitious pseudos pretending to be not who they are. From the screenshot above you can see that the message came from the correct email address however is requesting a reply to be sent to an email address with different domain name. 

Spammers and scammers will never stop. People like them who doesn't know how to get a life of their own will always come up with good reasons to fool people so we should always be extra careful and take safety precautions.

If you're using the same email address in accessing other accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, I would advise you to use different passwords. If by any chance your email address was hacked, you have your other accounts safe.

If you have other safety tips, you can share them to us. Thanks!

May 3, 2011

My Companion: Toblerone

If you'll let me choose between a chocolate and a pack of Cheetos, I will pick the latter. However, Toblerone seems to be my birthday companion even though I am not an avid fan of sweets. This only proves one thing,  "in life you'll not always get what you wanted but rather get what you deserve".  Sweetness begets sweetness. (just Kidding-hahaha).

Last month I received an early birthday gift from one of my former students. She hand it to me together with a printed letter which she preferred to give in advance cause we might not see each other again in a long time due to our hectic schedule.

The last time I went home, my sister gave me a Toblerone. She let the poor chocolate aged in the refrigerator and let it await for my arrival.

Last year most of the gifts I received were Toblerone. And now, my birthday is yet to come and one of my officemates gave me, guess what, yes ------------------------------------------> a TOBLERONE!!!

Dear Toblerone, if you'll be with me throughout my life, can you do me one favor? On my next birthday let me experience and breath the air of Switzerland.