June 17, 2011

Amidst my Busy Life

It seems like eternity since my last update. Dallas won (hurray), classes starts and the blogger dashboard pretty resembles that of Wordpress which only proves that I missed a lot. 

For those who are concern, I know I owe you a lot. I promised an update from the camping and I promised to show you the pictures. I was caught in the midst of two things (1.) My busy schedule at work and (2.) my malfunctioning brain.

For once, things at work never seemed to slow down. Everyday gets busier and the only time for me to relax is the time I press my thumb on the biometrics.  We felt the sudden importance of work concentration because  the projects we're currently working at are not so common. We have to take good care of them or else we'll be liable if we suddenly lost their business.  I have to monitor deals with deadlines and these weren't ordinary projects. Fortune 1000 made me tremble.

At home, I'm soundly sleeping  because of my antihistamines. Yes, I am on a two weeks medication which will end next week. Nothing serious (though others think it is) but I cannot procrastinate anymore. Health is wealth and I am to become the poorest person living on earth. 

I am optimistic that everything will turn out right and hopefully I could buy myself a little time to go back to my regular posting schedule. Geee, by straight hair is now curly because of these things I can't seem to manage properly.

It's almost weekend and I hope to visit you this weekend. Please bear with me and hope you all had a great time always.

I am still amaze with this new blogger dashboard.  Loving it!!!

That's what one of our client's quoted. It really make sense.