June 17, 2011

Amidst my Busy Life

It seems like eternity since my last update. Dallas won (hurray), classes starts and the blogger dashboard pretty resembles that of Wordpress which only proves that I missed a lot. 

For those who are concern, I know I owe you a lot. I promised an update from the camping and I promised to show you the pictures. I was caught in the midst of two things (1.) My busy schedule at work and (2.) my malfunctioning brain.

For once, things at work never seemed to slow down. Everyday gets busier and the only time for me to relax is the time I press my thumb on the biometrics.  We felt the sudden importance of work concentration because  the projects we're currently working at are not so common. We have to take good care of them or else we'll be liable if we suddenly lost their business.  I have to monitor deals with deadlines and these weren't ordinary projects. Fortune 1000 made me tremble.

At home, I'm soundly sleeping  because of my antihistamines. Yes, I am on a two weeks medication which will end next week. Nothing serious (though others think it is) but I cannot procrastinate anymore. Health is wealth and I am to become the poorest person living on earth. 

I am optimistic that everything will turn out right and hopefully I could buy myself a little time to go back to my regular posting schedule. Geee, by straight hair is now curly because of these things I can't seem to manage properly.

It's almost weekend and I hope to visit you this weekend. Please bear with me and hope you all had a great time always.

I am still amaze with this new blogger dashboard.  Loving it!!!

That's what one of our client's quoted. It really make sense. 


  1. Welcome back Sey.. I missed your post. tc

  2. Hello Sey...always take care! dito lang kami, dyan ka lang. hehe...

    "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life" Like this...tatandaan ko to.

  3. chillax, don't let your job wear you down.

    benadryl? you have allergy?

    i'll patiently wait for that much awaited post.(;

  4. You're back!!

    Aww.. medication? Anong nagyari? Okey.. get some needed rest so that you'd feel better.. and so you can get back to blogging. haha!

    Ay really? new dashboard? Hmm.. Mine looks exactly the same. EXACTLY. No changes whatsoever.. Waaaahh!!! Unfair! lol


    Pwede mong printscreen yung dashboard, Sey? :)

  5. Oh.. and LOVe that quote, btw.. That is so true!

  6. I missed your posts, Sey. Work can sometimes hinder us from the things that we want to do. Sigh. That's why I want to make a living out of doing the things that I love, but it seems that I still can't do it. But I know I will.

    Hope you'd do great on that project and get some coffee while blogging.

    Did the dash changed? Hardly noticed it at all. ???

    Anyway, have a great weekend ahead. :)

  7. sasabihin ko sanang saan na ung pangako mong camping picture? hehe!

    get well soon sey..

  8. Welcome back 14 street.
    Acre is here.Oh yeah.

    ang tagala ng isang dekada.
    na miss ka namin Sey yong mga comments mo napapanaginipan ko na lang.

    Mukhang busy ka nga ang straight na buhok kumulot.Wow.

  9. i missed reading your blog, and your comments too. will wait for your 'camping experience' post. :D

  10. Take good care Sey! I know you know that health is far more important than anything else. God Bless!

  11. Hiya! I know exactly what you feel, I've been so busy that I didn't realized that it has been a month since I posted & visited anyone. i missed coming here & reading your posts. I hope you feel better soon.

    Luvin the quote! =)

  12. You're using a neb? Feel better.

  13. You're using a neb? Feel better.

  14. twin sis.. I miss reading your posts and I'm excited to see camping pictures but i think i saw some of on facebook. you must be really busy i hope you get to relax pretty soon. HP is movie is just around the corner. I hope we're still on!

    take care :)

  15. welcome back Sey...hahaha we are all busy I think, my last post was Jay 17 then I just made another post June 12...it's almost a month yah...

    get well soon, you're right health is wealth....take care :-)

  16. hey.. hwre have you been.. just be sure that it would be worth reading for.. kasi naman ang tagakl mong nawala... ehehehhe

  17. hello ate how are u nah?
    happy fathers day pala sayo

  18. Sey, it's been forever! How are you, love? I hope you'll post again soon. Take care. And oh, don't forget to take a break every once in a while.


  19. Surely you are busy, I miss your blog post. I hope you're doing fine, I'll just keep my self updated for you future post. God bless.

  20. I guess by now you're all okay right? Well being busy is a sign that you're still alive and surviving, it's part of life.

    Have a nice weekend Sey!

  21. Hi Sey!
    I hope medyo may time ka na ngayon to breathe :)
    Dumaan lang para kumustahin ka. Looking forward to your camping photos.

  22. Hello Sey!! I know it's been forever since I visited absolutely anyone. My oldest son got moved to Houston; sold my house finally and just got moved to the city and closer to both mine and my youngest son's work and school.. just last week. Exhausted but happy!

    I hope you are feeling better and that life will slow down enough so you can enjoy your summer!! :-)

    I've missed you and promise to be a better blogging friend! Oh and I love your quote picture too, it's so true!!

    Take care!!
    Coreen XOXO

  23. di ko matandaan kung nakapag-comment na ko dito. pero, miss you girl!

  24. i hope everything turns out well, Sey! i understand how work can get the life out of us. take care of yourself. :D

  25. Sey dear, still no posts? Hope you'll post again soon. Mwuah!

  26. I'm one of those who are waiting to hear something from you. Miss your thoughts.

  27. nadalaw lang para magdilig ng mga halaman sa paligid.

  28. Mukhang busy ka pa din, ah. We'll wait for your next kwento. :)

  29. Missed you, but I understand. Life and work can get in the way. Glad to see you back today!

  30. Hi Sey!

    Still busy? hehehe Hinay-hinay lang sa work.

  31. "14th Street" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors.


  32. right! despite the busy schedule..still enjoy life!
    love your blog!
    i'll add you on my blogroll.. be glad to be on yours too!


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