August 18, 2011

I'm Sorting Things Out

I've become sort of a lazy gal  due to overwhelming busy life I had the past few months. I just feel the need for enough sleep (I feel I'm deprived with sleep) and rest, until I realized I spend the rest of my precious hours doing nothing but sleeping. What a waste of time isn't it? So, before squandering the time I have on non-productive things, I should take my move to pursue the plans which are long forgotten and rekindle the interest on things I love to do.

I am glad to say I added a few addition to my stamp collections. It's been a long time and the only option I have is to buy them from local post offices because snail mail is no longer in. The rest of my collections were acquired through snail mails and gifts from friends so this was the first time I added a collection through buying. But don't worry they don't cost that much. So if anybody out there has some stamps left forgotten, AHEM, *cough-*cough....I'm here.

Next thing in line is putting documents together and completing the requirements for my Masteral's Degree. Yes, it's been an altered plan due to unexpected circumstances that blocks the way but now that things flow smoothly, I guess this is the right time to polish the plan so I could start as soon as second semester starts, if not at least I am ready for next year. I now have an intimate relationship with thick books to get my way ready for a long term study again.

These are few of the things I have in line while preparing for a long term plan. I will let you know soon as it gets to kicking but for now I will keep it a secret.

Negativity is striking us but I don't want to waste my energy on things that would hinder my way. I am glad that optimistic people surrounds me and I am happy that  way. I'd rather focus on things that will make me grow and appreciate life more. Besides life is too short so why waste it. Have fun and enjoy things that life brings. "When life gives you lemon, make lemonade"


  1. u seem to have your life in order, i love your optimism! :)

  2. Cheers to making lemonade. Happy to hear you are focusing on the positive.

    Whenever I get too bogged down in worries/stress/exhaustion I try to take a step back and focus on just being joyful.

  3. I agree with Kitkat. This makes me want to be organized as well. Good luck for the masterals :)

    And aww! You have a stamp collection? ♥♥♥

  4. i love your post. hehehe. right, i think we must nt think o f a negative thught coz it gives only negative results. so teka teka meron k bng stamp pad? hahahaha. minsan patingin ng collection mo ha?

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  6. Kitkat Thanks Dear :)

    Florida Girl Thanks for sharing another tips how to be positive and stay away from stress and exhaustion. I really need that.


    Haze Thanks! Hopefully I could do it this second semester. Yes I do have them. Why you them one too? I have spare pieces, I can give some to you!

    Kikilabotz Thanks, (blushing) hahaha! Yes, we must not think of those negative thought, it's like inviting negative vibes around.

    Hahahaha, oo meron akong stamp pad, need mo? (dami kong tawa dito). sure, sige ba. May collection ka din ba? May mga spare/extra pieces ako, I can give them to you if you are collecting stamps too.

    August 18, 2011 6:35 AM

  7. dati ang dami kong collection na stamps, nakalagay lang sa maliit na envelope, kinukuha ko dto sa ofis namin, ung mga padala sa amin na mga books at kong ano anong letters galing local at international.. sayang niwala na siguro ng mga kids ko kaya hininto ko na lang.. sayang talaga, kong hnd nawala un, bigay ko sau pagmagkita tau.. hehe

  8. I didn't realize you were a stamp collector. You've made me realize that I need to do some work on my collection.

  9. AWESOME! Dahil yan ang gusto mo at sinabi mo yan ang inaasahang mangyayari.

    wohhh sa stamp pag may nakita akong mga stamp dito ibibigay ko sayo.

  10. I'll tell jed to send me snail mail next time so I can collect the stamps and give it to you. Your stamps are really hard to come by nowadays.

    I am not a heavy sleeper. Actually, I don't like sleeping that much, I feel like I waste time when I sleep, there are so many things to do.

    Aww.. good luck on your masteral twin sis. I know you'd do great!

  11. You go gal. I think we all need the slow times to boost ourselves up. I am sure you are already doing it and doing it well. All the best with the degree course.


  12. Hi Sey.. how are you na? it's been a long while. are you back for good?i hope so.. =)

    Good luck to your plans. everything will be set into its proper places i assure you that. Aja Sey! =) excited ako sa pagaaral mo.. i love school, though it's kinda hard, tedious and sometimes boring but i always feel a sense of satisfaction learning so many things from school be it academic or not.

    your collections are so cute. dati may mga collections ako pero stationary papers naman yon. pero wala na akong hilig ngayon.

    about your sleeping habit.. ok lang yan you need plenty of sleep and rest. don't deprive yourself, kasi pagnagmaterealize na lahat ng plans mo esp. if you start studying you will be certainly deprived from that..

    P.S. i miss reading your posts.

  13. I'd rather focus on things that will make me grow and appreciate life more. - - very well said i needed that!

  14. Written goals are signs na you are really serious in what you are doing. I hope you'll be able to do them all with all those burning passion inside you.

    :) Yes, I agree na you should surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. Ignore the negative ones as they are well, not worth the attention. :)

  15. Wow, congrats on adding to your degree! That is really exciting!

    I have felt the same way as you in regards to sleep...I got next to no sleep the first half of summer and now even though I am falling asleep at a decent hour I still struggle to pull myself out of bed in the morning.

  16. MOmmy-razz wahhhh, sayang naman, pero okay lang po mommy, huhuhu! kapag nakita mo na lang po. Pag meant to be sila for me, makikita mo po ulit yun.

    George Yes I am, I am glad I served a reminder. Cheers for us!

    Diamond R Thanks AWESOME, este handsome pala! hahahaha. Promise mo yan ah! Meron na din akong UAE stamps pero konti lang. Huhuhuhu! Ingatan mong mabuti yung mga stamps ah! hehehe.

    Mayen Thanks Twin Sis, hopefully, I can make it our alive with that masteral classes. Thanks din sa stamps. Ngayon nga parang ayaw ko na ding matulog. I am thinking it's a waste of time though we need it to replenish the energy.

    Ratz Thanks Dear. You know this plan and thanks for your support as always. Feels so lucky to have you.

    Pearl Hi pear, I'm okay. I think i'm back for good. How are you?

    Palagi akong napunta sa blog mo pero walang new post,s o I guess you're busy with school stuffs as well. Grabe ean ko ba sa utak ko parang it always crave for knowledge. Sana hindi ako mabuwang and hopefully matapos ko siya ng matino pa ang utak ko.

    Thanks for the support. I miss your post too!

    Iya-khin cheers to that Iya. Focus on the vrither side of life.

    Miss Chievous Thanks for the Support. I write them so the burning passion won't die out.

    I don't mind the negative people around. They're contagious!

    Rachel Thanks Rachel, nice to see here again today. I miss you! Hope you get enough of rest and sleep and hopefully to recover the energy soon. You can make it. I left and advice on your post.

  17. Shall i say it again? I'm luvin the optimism =) What you said about surrounding yourself with positive people & thoughts is absolutely spot on! Go go go sis, I'm happy for you. And like what i always say, if you believe that it'll happen - it will!
    Love that you're blogging again. And ill see if i could find stamps from here & ill send it to you =)
    hmmm, kelan ulit g+ chat natin? Hehe, adik! =)

  18. WoW!! what a fresh post!!! loved it!!! good luck with long hours of studies :)

  19. Kristeta Hahaha! Thanks for saying it again. I love your advice. I miss our Goggle Chat. When are you avaialable? I'm trying to go back to blogging not that I was able to let go of the pessimistic virus in me.

    I do believe that all my plans will come to reality. I strongly believe in that. Thanks for inspiring me.

    And I also believe that you can still find your stamps. Hahahaha! Thanks Sis!

    Myne Whitman Thanks!

    Flying High in the sky Thanks my dear friend. It's nice to hear from you again.

  20. I would love to see a picture of your stamp collection! :)

  21. I used to collect stamps back in my elementary days but eventually gave up as I got bored with meticulously scraping off the stamps from mailed envelopes.


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