August 29, 2011

The Itchy Fever

Another typhoon hits the country and it’s raining hard outside last Saturday morning. Because I’m a nocturnal being working on graveyard shift, rainy Saturday for me means difficulty of going home. We cannot discern when the rain will stop so we decided to go out of the office not minding the fickle weather.

As fickle as it can be, the rain poured so hard when we’re outside. My shoes were wet; the crying sky ignored my umbrella. We (me and my friends) decided to take refuge on the nearest establishment called “Molito” (a small mall). Though smaller than a regular mall, it has what we need, food and food. We’re so hungry folks! A girl was standing on the main entrance with handful of leaflets. She gave us one and we hurriedly went to the second floor. However we hurriedly went down again to ask for another leaflet. Why? Because of the “Buy one take one Meal” offered by Mang Inasal. It’s a chicken meal which goes with unlimited rice. You know I’m a diehard fan of chicken so, no question from me when they decided to have our lunch there.

sorry folks, this is the only picture I got
no camera on hand

I devoured the chicken and 2 cups of rice for a nice price. It’s so delicious especially when paired with an ice cold coca cola. The crew then offered me a third cup of rice but it was I who said no. Hello, my stomach is so full. Imagine me - one of my hand touching my stomach and the other one swaying left and right as a signal to the crew that I don't want another cup.

Afterwards we went upstairs because Raj-Raj (one of my friends) needs to buy something. We agreed that we’re all exhausted and sleepless so we decided to go home but of course not until she got what she needs.

Came Sunday morning my whole body has small red dots and my hands were itching. The chicken no matter how delicious it can be, brings allergic reaction to my body. I didn’t ate in moderation. I should only eat a chicken meal once in a week but I broke the rule and this is my consequence, an itchy fever. Before the allergy came out, I lavished myself the past week with chicken burgers (plural) and other savory chicken meals for lunch and dinner.

If you’ll ask me, will I break the rule again, honestly, YES but not until I get rid of these itchy red dots. 


  1. I used to be allergic to chicken, too. Try taking an antihistamine. It will help the rash go down.

  2. I have the same issue with peas, beans, peanuts... i get hives all over my face and it does not make me feel any better. I have stopped altogether. Benadryl maybe?

  3. wawa talaga kau jan sa maynila dahil sa nagdaan na typhoon.. ang sarap ng manok sa Inasal.. yummy

  4. Gnetch I'm taking antihistamines. If i'm lucky enough they'll wear off in 3 days but due to the cold weather, I think they will last for one week.

    Ratz what peanuts and beans? Glad you stopped eating them. I am not allergic to beans but I'm not eating them. They taste so rough of I am just weird.

    Mommy-Razz Mommy super po talaga ang sarap kaya hindi ko napigilan ang aking sarili. Ang motto ko "bahala na ang gamot" hehehe. OO nga po lakas ng rain dito buti tumigil na. hehe.

  5. Wow! I have no food allergies, but I am allergic to lipstick. :(

  6. That makes me want to eat chicken and rice!

    Even though I don't have any food allergies, certain ones will upset my stomach every time. I still eat them. The Hubby is always asking me why I do it, but I just can't help it. Sometimes it's worth it!

  7. The itchy fever makes me glad I'm not allergic to chicken. Actually, chicken is my favorite meat.

  8. Dionne Lipstick? Maybe it's because of the chemical in it, but you're lucky you can eat everything you want :)

    TB Hi TB glad to see you here today. My stomach has a strong resistant with food but sometimes it gets upset too. You're right, eating something that we're allergic to worth it. People kept on asking me too why still I eat chicken - who am I to resist, it's so delicious.

    George Me too George. Chicken is my favorite meat.

  9. aww.. twin sis, feel better soon and next be careful. :)

  10. Ay naku sis! Kaya naman pala eh =) I don't blame you kasi I love inasal too. pero siguro next time ill take it easy.

    Take care sis, & i hope tumigil na ang ulan para dik na mahirapan sa paguwi xoxo

  11. i just loved your post!!!!!!! WOW!!! i love to break rules too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good you enjoyed! i am sorry about the itchy dots.. hope you get well soon !

  12. White rice with just about anything makes me a happy girl. Chicken allergy? Sorry to hear that.

  13. Wow! I've never heard of anyone being allergic to chicken. I thought at first maybe you're just allergic to the spices they used. But, I guess not? Allergic to chicken? That's a new one.

    I'm allergic to mangoes. I'm sure you were wondering. ;-)

    - Jay

  14. Mayen Thanks twin sis,. Miss you na!

    Kristeta Thanks Sis, now you know bakit hindi ko napaglabanan ang temptation. hehehe. Sarap talaga ng inasal. Sana nga huwag nang magulo ang ulan. para kasi siyang kabute, sulpot ng sulpot pag di ako ready.

    Flying High in the sky Thanks my friend. Breaking the rule is worthy of the consequences when it comes to chicken. I just so love it. Thanks for dropping by.

    Florida Girl Yup. chicken allergy, so sad I have an allergy with my favorite meat. I am a fan of rice too. I don't get enough energy when I don't eat rice.

    I'm with Stupid It's really a chicken allergy. Even though it's fried i still get rashes.

    you're allergic to mangoes? really?, I'm really wondering. That's new for me too. Thanks for dropping by Jay!

  15. aww. pero you know what, when exposing yourself to your body's specific allergen, dapat gradual. i used to be allergic sa seafood, pero gradual desensitization helped me get over it. (;

  16. You have an allergy with chickens?

    Oh, that's not cool. Well, life can sometimes be so cruel. LMAO. Biro lang.

    Buti na lang, wala akong allergies sa mga ganyan. Kahit anong ipakain mo sakin basta wag lang malunggay, okay na! LOL.

    Nice blog you have here.

  17. talga may buy one take one ang mang inasal? astig. favorite ko yan eh. kasi mura lang at unlimited rice pa. tnx to the post. sey kapag may time ka pwede po bang pki answer ang mga question here

  18. nakalimutan ko sabihin, sabi nga nila exposed mo lang sarili mo dahan dahan sa mga allergens at malaki ang chance n mawala ang allergy mo. ewan ko kung totoo. hehe

  19. Kayren Thanks for the tip. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Hoobert Yup and it's really not cool because it's my favorite meat.
    Thanks ah! Pero masarap ang malunggay, especially sa tinola. Yum!!!

    Kikilabotz Oo, meron. Tama sulit na sulit kasi mura na busog na busog ka pa. Sure, sinulat ko na sa planner ko yung questions para kahit wala ako sa harap ng computer masagutan ko na. Papadala ko sayo, wait mo kartero, Joke! send ko sa email mo.

    Salamat sa tips about my allergy. Totoo daw yan. Daming nagsasabi niyan sakin.

  20. Hm, di ko din type. Mas okay sakin ang dahon ng sili. LMAO.

  21. Hoobert Yup, oo nga no, mas masarap ang dahon ng sili. Nagutom nanaman tuloy ako at naalala ang chicken.

  22. hinay hinay sa chicken.Pero i love grilled chicken.Mang Inasal pwede na.Sana ma maintain lang ang tunay na grilled kasi problema yan ng fastfood style na restaurant.Iba pa rin yong sa Bacolod or Davao niluluto sa harapan mo. usok pa lang masarap na.

  23. Naku matigas din pala ulo mo when it comes to your favorite food! hahaha...hope you feel better and I hope na ma immune na allergies mo sa chicken so that you could eat chicken lagi :) Hugs!♥

  24. kakamiss ng inasal!!!


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