August 20, 2011

My Antidote

The plague brought by the pessimistic virus has ended. But we should all be careful because it is contagious.

Walking is a great way to stimulate the endorphin,
the hormones that reduces pain and create pleasant feelings

Back when I was  child (insert the tone of "Dance with my Father" here), I find walking as a great relief to my aching heart. This is one of the activities I am good at and I love doing it whenever my father's bicycle isn't around (yes folks, I learned cycling using my father's mountain bike). 

I was clueless then why it gave such a relief, but now I am aware. Walking is my antidote to depression and stress. Sometimes I forgot that I have this antidote, besides who would remember if your mind is preoccupied. But in time, circumstances will find a way to remind me that in the midst of a chaotic situation I can leave the situation for a while to witness not only the therapeutic benefit of walking but also the wonders of nature. Yesterday, I did it again and look what I found; a piece of happiness from mother nature. 

Wondering how this grass made it up
on the tree trunk... hmmm, silly grass, isn't it?

a new life is coming out from the tree. Amazing

These are simple things that most of us don't appreciate because our eyes are gaze on the far end of the world.  But if we will fix our eyes on what we have, we will discover that true happiness lies within ourselves and on everything that we have around us.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Endorphins are natures drug produce within the human body for free. It happens when we do exercise. this positive endorphins make us feel good.

    a lot of people are not aware of this that a simple walking not just make you healthy but happy.

  2. Very well said,sis =)
    "in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir
    Have a lovely weekend sis =)

  3. nakaka amaze nga ung nasa picture, bakit nga nagkakaganun ano? ang daming hnd maexplain dto sa mundo..

  4. hehehe nice post sey, tama nga masyado tayo nakafocus sa mga bagay nakakalimutan natin yung mga miracles na nagyayari sa paligid natin. db? hehe

  5. I have always found my answers in Nature. it is amazing how the littlest things can teach us so many valuable lessons. Walking is indeed enjoyable and relaxing.

  6. This is a great post. Many years ago I suffered depression and the medications from the doctors didn't help a bit. But someone suggested walking and exercise. So I started riding my bike to work again and walking on my lunch hour and it worked! I still try to keep it up and haven't had any problems since.

  7. I have always liked walking and have not done it as much lately. It is a great way to feel better. I hope you keep walking and this post inspired me to get walking more often. Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  8. I love this "These are simple things that most of us don't appreciate because our eyes are gaze on the far end of the world. But if we will fix our eyes on what we have, we will discover that true happiness lies within ourselves and on everything that we have around us."

    Very true I also love walking especially when i go to Manila, i love the streets in the part of binondo and intramuros, very spanish and oldy, uplifts my Filipino blood.

    Um, me when i am down i usually eat foods, anything that will fit my taste at the moment, mostly chocolates, donuts, fried noodles, siomai...burger.

  9. waow! the pics are just amazing. So beautiful :]


  11. There are so much goodness in this world. Thank you for reminding me again, Sey :)

  12. tama ka... we tend to keep on searching for the true meaning of happiness, not realizing that we are already experiencing it in our lives...

    nice post!


  13. Hi! I'd just like to know how you created those pages with border lines in your lay out? It looks so neat.

    (I mean the page names in your lay out are housed in a box right.)

  14. hi Sey.. after reading your post i pondered, then i asked myself: ako ba may antidote din pagstress at depress? kaso di ko sya maisip.. hehee for all my life i am always struggling.. stressful masyado at depressing but i couldn't figure out how i am able to surpass it. i just wonder. hehee nakakatuwa. perhaps, it's because of the people i love and love me in return.

    i love the pictures.. i am so happy you're back for good. sana makapagsulat na din ako..hehee miss you Sey.. =)

  15. I always walk and feels way better .
    Yours new follower .Follow me back

  16. I love a good walk out in nature. It is one of my favorite weekend pastimes.

  17. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys.


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