August 24, 2011


Netiquette Netiquette (a portmanteau of "network etiquette" or "Internet etiquette") is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from Usenet and mailing lists to blogs and forums. 

The nature of my work entails email correspondence as the major way of communication between us and our clients. It's only prim and proper for us to follow the basic netiquette of sending, replying and confidentiality which aspects are common and similar to what we practice everyday even offline.

Although blogging is therapeutic it wouldn't always promise a happy day. Time will come you will encounter trolls and flamers. But anyhow, if you haven't experience one -----> lucky you!

The not so lucky me would like to share some netiquette I found applicable for blogging although I know you already know them.

1. Remember the Human - it applies like the golden rule. Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you.  In front of us is a tangible computer screen but do not forget, at the end of a computer network is a human being with feelings. Be careful with what you write because others may misinterpret your emails and comments because emotions and facial expressions weren't conveyed through them except when you really know the person.

2. Lurk before you Leap - When I come across a new forum, website or blog that interest me, l lurk and do backreads to have a glimpse of what it's all about and how people interact before leaving a comment. 

I also find it necessary, though it does not apply to everybody, to introduce yourself to new blogs you followed before leaving a comment. Whereas, if I read the post and I don't know how to express my thoughts properly , I  skip leaving comments.

3. Respect other people's privacy - although people share information through writing and their life is an open book, they're still entitled for a piece of privacy. It's rude to ask people about private information via comment. If you want to ask them something private or personal, you may send them an email.  

And though we have freedom of expression, let us be responsible for what we share. Think before you click

Think Before you click is a campaign by GMA News and Public Affairs to promote responsible use of social media


  1. The 'Think Before You Click' campaign is a good idea. I also like the pointers you gave. I enjoy blogging, but we all need to remember that there are people who write and post these blogs and who read our comments.

  2. like ko to ate..tsaka i can relate sa # 3 nio..dapat lng na respect others privacy..

    good am ate

  3. CORRECT!!! apir tau sa number 1..


  4. I'm learning. Thanks Sey for sharing

  5. naks tama, dahil maxado nang rampant (o ha o ha malalim na negish word toh) ang iternet.dapat talaga may Netiquette. hehehe. ako rin minsan kapag hindi ko alam ikocomment ko eh snkip ko na rin. suportahan ko rin yan..

  6. All of your 'Netiquette' advice and consideration of others are absolutely Good and True! Thanks so much for sharing this, Sey! I'm printing and post near my computer to Remind me! I used to have a hypersensitiveness to other emails and now I worry about how others interpret mine. So touchy without facial expressions or voice tones to go with. Another reason I don't like text messages much. Too hard to tell what the person is really feeling or meaning.

    Great Post!! Have a Wonderful day, Sey!!
    Coreen XOXO

  7. George the campaign was initiated by a news network here to let everyone know that what we published is our responsibility. I also enjoy blogging and I will always keep that in mind.

    emmanuelmateo good p.m Eman. ako din super like ko yung number 3. nakakarelate kasi ako. hahaha. :)

    Sylar thanks for dropping by.

    mommy-razz Apir po tayo Mommy. hahaha! mommy nakakatuwa yung profile picture mo; si ate Shawie. FAvorite ko siya. hehehe.

    Diamond R you're welcome.

    Kikilabotz oo nga lalim, wait check ko muna dictionary ko. hahahaha. thanks! Saka pag hinid ko nabasa hindi rin ako nag-leave ng comment. Nakakahiya kasi.

    Velvet Over Steel Thanks Coreen. I used to be hypersensitive too, because I also received emails from anonymous senders, that's why I am taking it to consideration to be polite and prrofread my message before sending.

    You're right, it's hard to convey to the recipient what we truly feels, that's why we should always be careful.

    Thank you so much Coreen. Have a great day ahead!


  8. this is informative..
    1. no one couldve said that better than u!
    2. i do that too! i really am choosy when it comes to following new blogs!
    3. hmm, some people may think that i am that kind of person that i portray on my blog. i may share personal details but that shouldnt be the sole basis of my personality.

    nice post!

  9. Alycia Thanks for visiting my blog. I checked yours and it's great. I love it.

    Kayren Yup, I am following blogs if I like them and I always read them, leave comments if I have something to say.

  10. I like your netiquette rules. Respecting the privacy of others is important because some people share too much information and it is up to you to show respect for the privacy of others. Especially when they do not know any better.

  11. I like your netiquette rules. Respecting the privacy of others is important because some people share too much information and it is up to you to show respect for the privacy of others. Especially when they do not know any better.


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